POLL: 38% Say Poilievre Best Choice For PM, Just 32% Pick Trudeau & Singh COMBINED

More brutal numbers for the Socialist Clowns.

A Nanos poll shows Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre still far ahead of both Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh (AKA the Socialist Clowns) when it comes to who Canadians pick as the best choice for Prime Minister.

38% pick Poilievre, while just 21% pick Justin Trudeau.

Another 11% pick Jagmeet Singh.

“Preferred Prime Minister Polling:

Poilievre: 38% (+1)
Trudeau: 21% (+1)
Singh: 11% (-1)
May: 5% (-)
Blanchet: 5% (+1)
Bernier: 2% (-)

Unsure: 17%

Nanos Research / May 10, 2024 / n=1000 / MOE 3.1% / Telephone

(% Change With May 3, 2024)”

The fact that Poilievre has more support than Trudeau & Singh combined shows how strongly Poilievre’s message is resonating, and shows how Canadians are increasingly tired of the failed policies of socialist clowns like Trudeau & Singh.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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