Canada’s Housing Supply Deficit Has Hit A New Record High


Something often forgotten is that Canada had an extremely generous immigration system when former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in power.

On a per capita basis, Canada was among the countries that took in the most people.

And the system worked quite well. The number of newcomers was relatively steady and was decently matched with the needs of the labour market.

Housing was also far more affordable.

This is important to remember because the Liberals often try to smear critics of current insane immigration levels as ‘anti-immigrant.’

Yet, even if Canada cut immigration by more than half, we would still be one of the most pro-immigration countries on Earth.

Such is the extent to which the Liberals have imposed extremist immigration increases.

Under the current massive influx, the country simply can’t keep up.

And nowhere do we see that more than housing.

As the Liberals go around the country trying to make it look like they’re building tons of homes, the reality is far different.

In fact, because of stagnant housing construction and the ongoing massive influx of people, Canada’s housing supply deficit has hit a new record high:


The more the Liberals keep ramping up immigration, the worse this will get.

If we want housing to be more affordable, Canada needs to dramatically reduce immigration and we need to build more homes. It’s as simple as that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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