Justin Trudeau Envies Productive & Ambitious Canadians, So He Uses Government Power To Punish Them

Socialist thinking is wrecking Canada, and it comes from the very top of the government.

On Twitter, Martin Pelletier – Senior PM for the TriVest Wealth team at Wellington-Altus Private Council & Financial Post Investing Columnist – asked a very pertinent question:

“Since elected, and with the support of prominent economists in academia, he aggressively went after small and medium businesses. Why such hatred for the innovators and disrupters and risk takers?”

In response, I said the following which appears to have resonated with people:

“At some level, Trudeau knows he couldn’t go into the market & succeed in real competition like entrepreneurs & business leaders do. Instead of being humbled by this, he uses government power – obtained in large part because of his name – to punish & control those who do what he cannot.”

This is what Canada is dealing with: A Prime Minister who resents the most skilled, productive, ambitious, and entrepreneurial Canadians, and thus uses government power to try to control and punish them.

Along with his socialist coalition partner Jagmeet Singh, Trudeau seems determined to do as much damage as possible to Canada’s economy in the time he has left in office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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