The ‘Grocery Code Of Conduct’ Is Statist BS From A Government Desperate To Distract From Their Massive Failures

It wasn’t grocery stores that drove inflation through the roof with reckless spending. It was the Liberal government.

The Liberal government continues to posture on their ‘grocery code of conduct.’

Speaking to CTV, Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne pressured Walmart and Costco to sign on:

“They will sign on,” Champagne told CTV’s Question Period host Vassy Kapelos in an interview airing Sunday. “I have all faith that they will do that.

After months of negotiations, Loblaw announced this week it’s ready to sign the grocery code of conduct, with President and CEO Per Bank telling The Canadian Press a revised version of it is “fair.”

“We’ve put pressure on Loblaw, and you see the outcome,” Champagne said. “Obviously, I don’t think it would be tenable for Costco or Walmart to disregard what the will of the Government of Canada is, and Canadian consumers.”

Let’s be 100% clear about what this ‘grocery code of conduct’ is really all about.

The Liberals & NDP drove up inflation with reckless spending while simultaneously making life more expensive through the carbon tax. They also drove up the cost of energy, which again makes everything more expensive.

As a result, our purchasing power has declined dramatically.

However, since many people don’t grasp how government/central bank actions are related to inflation, the government appeals to ignorance and blames the private sector – including places where lost purchasing power is most visible like prices at the grocery store.

By pinning the blame on grocery stores, the Liberals are trying to scapegoat the private sector for what is an entirely government-caused inflation problem.

In short, this is statist BS from a desperate government, and all Canadians must see it for the farce it is.

Spencer Fernando


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