After Latest Example Of Partisan Bias, Calls Grow For Fergus To Resign

It’s been one thing after another.

Usually, the Speaker of the House of Commons doesn’t become a household name.

This isn’t a dig at past Speakers, quite the opposite. Most Speakers recognized that they should – to the best of their ability – be unbiased and focused on keeping things orderly in the House of Commons.

Most managed to accomplish this.

But not Greg Fergus.

No, the Liberal Speaker has been involved in one scandal after another related to his obvious bias against the Conservatives and in favour of the Liberals.

And now, there’s another one.

Fergus – who is supposed to be seen as a largely non-partisan figure while in the Speaker role – was set to be part of an event that was promoted using aggressive rhetoric against Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre:



In response, the Conservatives are renewing calls for Fergus’ resignation, as this is just the latest of many partisan incidents the Speaker has been involved in:

In response, the Liberals are blaming it on a staffer:

Whatever the particulars of this latest incident are, the reality is that Fergus should have been gone by now.

When Fergus booted Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre out of Parliament for making mild rhetorical attacks on Trudeau while letting Trudeau stay despite much more aggressive demonization of Poilievre it made it abundantly clear that Fergus has no interest in being non-partisan.

Every day Fergus stays in the Speaker role is another day in which Canada’s democracy becomes more broken and corrupted.

Spencer Fernando


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