Liberals & NDP Vote Against Conservative Motion That Would Have Ended The Legalized Hard Drugs Experiment

Why is the radical socialist coalition doubling down on deadly policies?

Since the Liberals – with the backing of the NDP – implemented the extreme experiment of legalizing hard drugs and using taxpayer money to make those drugs accessible to addicts instead of incentivizing treatment, drug overdose deaths in Canada have surged.

Unsurprisingly, this has led people to conclude – rightfully – that the radical experiment needs to end.

We need to return to tough punishments for those distributing illegal drugs, and stronger treatment programs for those addicted to drugs.

To that end, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre put forth a motion in the House of Commons calling for an end to the radical experiment.

The Liberals & NDP voted against it:

Vote result: The @CPC_HQ #OppositionMotion (Legalization of hard drugs) was defeated. #cdnpoli

Yeas: 117 ✅
Nays: 204 ❌


Despite all the suffering, despite the obvious reality that the experiment isn’t working, the Liberals & NDP continue to double down on the legalization of hard drugs.

Spencer Fernando


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