POLL: Plurality Of Canadians Say Capital Gains Tax Hike Will Hurt Economy

The Liberals surely thought they had an easy political winner with their class warfare plan. It’s not turning out that way.

Canada has long been a country with a widespread undercurrent of socialism. This has held us back for a long-time and has resulted in our country squandering much of our potential.

Based on our natural resources and deep ties to the massive US economy, we should be far richer than we are. But because of the way in which socialism promotes mediocrity, weakness, and settling for second-best, Canada is far poorer than we should be.

Obviously, this is the kind of attitude the Liberals were trying to appeal to with their capital gains tax hike. It was an obvious class warfare attack on successful and productive Canadians, and the Liberals were hoping that the socialist mindset of many Canadians would make the policy popular.

But it’s not turning out that way.

Instead, as reported by BNN Bloomberg, a plurality of Canadians oppose it:

“The survey by Nanos Research Group for Bloomberg News found that 45% believe the tax changes will lead to decreased investments and innovation, which will weaken the economy. Some 38% said the increase is fair and would close the gap between the rich and poor. The remainder were unsure.”

This is quite notable.

Rather than being a clear political winner for the Liberals, the tax hike is instead a controversial and divisive policy.

After years of economic decline under Liberal-NDP socialist policies, it seems more and more Canadians are realizing that attacking the most productive and prosperous people leaves all of us worse off.

Canada needs more capitalism, not class warfare.

Spencer Fernando

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