WATCH: Canada Must Reject Trudeau & Singh’s Envy-Based Politics

The private sector creates, the government takes.

A huge moral inversion has taken place.

Governments act as if they have some sort of moral superiority over businesses like oil companies and grocery stores, and many people accept this.

But that’s entirely backwards.

Oil companies, grocery stores, and really the entire private sector is far superior to government. The private sector creates, the government takes.

The private sector innovates, the government stifles.

Galen Weston has contributed far more to Canada than Jagmeet Singh has.

The oil & gas sector in Alberta and Western Canada has contributed hundreds of billions of dollars to building up our country. Contrast that with Justin Trudeau, who has destroyed hundreds of billions of dollars of investment with his socialist policies.

Canadians must not give in to the destructive envy-based politics of Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh.

Instead, we should seek to empower and unleash our most creative citizens and strongest industries.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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