PATHETIC: Greg Fergus Is Trying To Play The Race Card To Distract From His Awful Performance As Speaker

How has our society reached the point where whining and weakness is considered some sort of defence?

Greg Fergus has done a terrible job as Speaker of the House of Commons.

He has repeatedly shown the kind of bias that other Speakers managed to avoid, and has thus contributed to the cheapening of Canadian democracy.

Yet, rather than take responsibility and resign, Fergus is trying to play the race card:

“Speaker @GregFergus is saved from expulsion by NDP votes for again breaching rules on impartiality. Fergus had complained people hold him to a “higher standard” because he is Black. #cdnpoli @TheJagmeetSingh @HoCSpeaker”

The irony here is that Fergus almost certainly gets away with more because people are afraid of being called racist if they criticize him.

The fact is that treating people equally means holding people accountable based on their actions, not their race.

A bad Speaker is a bad Speaker, whether they are White, Black, or Brown.

And Fergus is a bad Speaker.

So, he should be called out.

We must stop letting people use victim status as some sort of defence. Weakness does not entitle anyone to remain in a position of power. Quite the opposite in fact. Someone who can only offer up their victim status is making it abundantly clear they don’t have what it takes.

Fergus has to go, and our society must get back to rewarding strength and ambition rather than weakness and whining.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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