Nvidia’s Market Cap Now Larger Than Canada’s GDP

Our country should be doing so much better, but socialist policies are holding us back.

The total market value of all Nvidia shares now exceeds Canada’s economy.

That fact was noted by Bloomberg in a recent segment:

“BREAKING: Bloomberg reports the market value of Nvidia shares exceeds the entire GDP of Canada. Justin Trudeau’s anti-growth policies continue to cause economic underperformance.”

Nvidia’s market capitalization is about $2.58 billion USD, while Canada’s total GDP is about $2.1 trillion USD.

This is a stark example of how Canada is punching way below our weight in the global economy.

Years of socialist policies and a weak ‘settle for less’ attitude pervasive in this country have led to our nation squandering our potential.

And with the global economy more fast-paced and competitive than ever, every day we remain mired in stagnant socialism is another day in which we fall further behind.

When you see the amazing things happening around the world, it’s impossible not to be both inspired and disappointed at how Canada isn’t keeping up.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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