People & Investment Are Fleeing Canada As Trudeau Wrecks The Country

What Canada needs is more capitalism, more competition, and more freedom.

Because Jagmeet Singh keeps Trudeau in power, Canadians likely won’t get a chance to vote the Liberals out until 2025.

But Canadians are already voting with their feet, and investors are already voting with their money.

The number of Canadians leaving for the United States is up a whopping 70% compared to a decade ago.

And that’s based on 2022 stats. Given the ongoing collapse of our living standards under Liberal-NDP socialist policies and the escalating government attack on ambitious and productive Canadians, that number has likely gone up.

Meanwhile, foreign investors are pulling money out of Canada.

As noted by Paul Vieira of the Wall Street Journal, “Foreigners withdrew 6.2 billion dollars out of Canada in Q1, or the first such divestment in 14 years.”

BMO Capital markets economists said “the data highlight concerns around the attractiveness of doing business in Canada.”

This is what happens when anti-prosperity socialists like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are in control of a country. People start to realize that the government is actively working against them, and so they start to leave.

Those who leave first tend to be those with the most options and the most initiative, meaning we lose many people who could have ended up creating tremendous wealth and prosperity here at home.

And when investors take their money out of Canada, it’s a clear signal that they see Canada heading in the wrong direction.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Socialism is ruining this country.

What Canada needs is more capitalism, more competition, and more freedom.