Doug Ford’s Comments About Immigrants Are 100% Correct

It’s simple, basic common-sense.

Doug Ford said what people across Canada are thinking: “Don’t come to Canada if you’re going to start terrorizing neighborhoods.”

It’s simple, basic common-sense, and it’s 100% right.

Yet, some pathetic politicians – mostly from the NDP – are denouncing Ford.

But here’s the thing.

Those same NDP politicians have been enabling the massive rise of anti-Semitism in this country, and haven’t seemed too bothered by that.

This is what makes the NDP so dangerous.

They would allow imported anti-Semites and radical Islamists to take over the country, spread hate, and destroy our freedoms, all without uttering a peep of protest.

But when someone says immigrants should abide by Canadian Values and behave respectfully, the NDP goes crazy.

This is why the NDP is currently acting as the destroyers of Canada. Bit by bit, they would allow our country to be stolen from us. Law-abiding people of all backgrounds, people who believe in freedom, would be silenced by the NDP, while those who advocate hate, despise freedom, and despise the Western world would be elevated and put in power.

Something very disturbing has happened to the NDP. Whoever they are working for, it’s not the Canadian People.

And so, not only should Doug Ford completely ignore the pathetic whining of the NDP, all Canadians who love our country should stand by Ford’s comments and stand against the destructive agenda of the dangerous anti-Canadian NDP lunatics.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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