The Jagmeet Singh-Led NDP Poses A Rapidly Growing Danger To Canada

If Jagmeet Singh and the NDP get their way, Canada as we know it will be lost.

There are normal political disagreements. Things like differing opinions on tax rates and regulations.

But that’s not what we’re seeing right now from the Jagmeet Singh-led NDP.

The NDP has chosen to side with rabid anti-Semites who absolutely despise the Western world.

They’re siding with people who are doing the bidding of the Iranian regime.

They’re trying to destroy Canadian history, undermine Western values, and sell our country out to terrorist sympathizers.

And we see the consequences. Anti-Semitism just keeps spreading, and the NDP keeps enabling it.

So, this isn’t a normal political debate, and these aren’t normal disagreements.

This is an existential battle for Canada.

If Jagmeet Singh and the NDP get their way, Canada as we know it will be lost.

Everything the Canadian People built up over generations will be swept away.

Our foundation built upon Western Civilization, our rights, our freedoms, our most productive industries, all are being put at existential risk by the extremism of Jagmeet Singh’s NDP.

It is essential for Canadians to understand this.

What we’re seeing right now from the NDP is not normal.

It is not how things are supposed to be.

It is anti-Canadian.

And it must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando


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