PATHETIC: Marc Miller Tries Claiming Opposition To Insane Liberal Immigration Increases Is “Blaming Immigrants For Absolutely Everything”

As always, Miller is being dishonest.

Liberal Immigration Minister Marc Miller said he is “quite tired of the fact that people are always blaming immigrants for absolutely everything.”

Miller added that – in his view – “The increase in mortgages, in mortgage prices, has nothing to do with immigrants.”

As always, Miller is being dishonest.

There was very little anger towards the immigration system in Canada before the Liberals wrecked it.

It was the Liberals who decided to ramp up immigration to insane levels.

It was the Liberals who decided to impose mass immigration.

That’s what Canadians are angry about.

Canadians are rightfully blaming the Liberal government for this, because immigration is controlled by the federal government.

Meanwhile, Miller is the one trying to deflect blame onto immigrants by falsely casting criticism of Liberal immigration policy as criticism of individual immigrants.

Miller is also wrong when he says increased housing prices have nothing to do with surging immigration. The Liberals keep pushing up demand for housing by flooding the country with people. Housing supply can’t keep up. So, housing gets less affordable.

Miller can try all he wants to shift blame and evade reality. But Canadians know that Liberal politicians like Marc Miller are the ones responsible for ruining Canada’s immigration system, wrecking our economy, and crushing our standard of living.

Spencer Fernando


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