Canada’s Productivity Continues Trending Downward

There is no way for Canada to return to prosperity unless this is addressed.

A Trading Economics chart shared by red pill rick on Twitter shows the ongoing decline in Canadian productivity:

It is essential for people to understand that there is no alternative to increasing productivity if we want higher living standards.

Being able to produce more value over time is how prosperity is generated.

Flooding the country with people, propping up a massive housing bubble, using taxpayer dollars and borrowed money to give huge subsidies to massive corporations are all attempts to create the illusion of economic growth, without actually making people wealthier on a per capita basis.

Unfortunately, with their socialist views, hatred of real competition, and eco-radical policies, the Liberals and the NDP are continuing to make Canada’s productivity crisis worse and worse.

What Canada needs are pro-growth, low-tax, pro-competition policies that encourage people to invest in Canada, and let failed companies actually fail, while freeing up successful businesses to succeed and expand by meeting the needs of consumers in the market, rather than lobbying for more bailouts from the government.

Spencer Fernando


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