Conservatives Lead By 20 Points In New Poll

Liberals fall to just 22%.

A new Abacus Data poll shows the Liberals dropping to just 22% national support.

That’s the lowest level of support for the Liberals in an Abacus poll since they were elected in 2015.

Here are the national results:

Conservatives – 42%

Liberals – 22%

NDP – 19%

Bloc – 8%

Greens – 5%

This is yet another poll showing the Conservatives more popular than the Liberals & NDP combined.

The Liberals trail in all regions of the country.

Even in Atlantic Canada – a traditional Liberal bastion – they are 14 points behind the Conservatives.

Clearly, any hopes the Liberals had of getting a ‘budget bounce’ have been dashed.

Canadians are simply waiting for the first chance to boot the Liberals out of office.

Spencer Fernando


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