Immigration Overtakes Climate Change As One Of The Top Five Issues Canadians Are Most Concerned About

Rather than the utopian ‘save the world’ craziness of the Liberals, Canadians are turning our attention to practical issues facing the nation.

With the Liberals continuing to impose extreme and deeply unpopular immigration policies, concern over immigration is rising.

Immigration has now overtaken ‘climate change’ as one of the top five issues Canadians are most concerned about.

According to Abacus Data, concern over immigration surpassed concern over climate change in March.

And now, 26% of Canadians list it as one of their top five issues of concern.

This demonstrates that Canadians are turning our attention to more practical issues, issues we can actually address ourselves. Canada can’t control whether emissions go up because of increased energy usage in large countries like India and China, so restricting our own prosperity for ‘climate change’ is foolish and counterproductive.

But we can change immigration. The federal government controls it, and could easily reduce it. That’s why the Liberals would prefer to talk about climate change, because they prefer having Canadians focused on something Canada can’t do anything about, rather than something we directly control. Thankfully, Canadians are realizing this and starting to respond accordingly.

Spencer Fernando


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