Trudeau’s Affinity For Communists Is A Growing National Security Liability

Nearly every day brings more evidence that Canada has become a weak link in the Western alliance.

Something many people struggle to understand is that there’s no sneaky way out of a confrontation between the Western quasi-capitalist democracies of the free world, and the authoritarian axis of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

While some on the far-left side with China and Iran, and some on the far-right side with Russia, all their disloyalty ‘achieves’ is to weaken the coherence of the free world and delay the military build-up that must occur.

And so, while some think they can ‘thread the needle’ by picking and choosing between which part of the new axis to oppose, the fact is that we must stand up to all of it.

This means we can’t afford to have weak links, because those weak links will be exploited by our enemies.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s disturbing ongoing affinity for Communists is turning Canada into a weak link at the worst possible time.

If the West shows weakness and falters now, the probability of a Third World War increases dramatically.

But Trudeau doesn’t get it. Trudeau has consistently praised the ruthless communist regime in Cuba, and has even called Cuba an ‘ally’ of Canada, which it most certainly is not.

Trudeau effusively praised Fidel Castro.

And of course, we know his long-love for Communist China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship,’ and his recent downplaying of potential treason within the government.

So, it’s not a surprise that the Liberals sent a ship to be alongside Russian ships and celebrate Cuba’s dictatorship, and it’s not a surprise the Liberals are blocking any investigation of the move.

How much longer will our allies put up with this?

Spencer Fernando


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