REPORT: Federal Emissions Cap Will Lead To Lower Energy Production

Since abundant & affordable energy is the foundation of prosperity, this means the federal emissions cap will make Canadians poorer.

A new report by Deloitte indicates the federal emissions cap being imposed by the Liberal government will lead to lower levels of energy production.

“Canadian oil and gas companies facing a federally imposed emissions cap will decide to cut their production rather than invest in too-expensive carbon capture and storage technology, a new report by Deloitte says.

The Alberta government-commissioned report — a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press — aims to assess the economic impact of the proposed cap.

Its findings contradict the federal government’s stance that its proposed cap on greenhouse gas emissions from the oil and gas sector would be a cap on pollution, not a cap on production. And it supports Alberta’s position that a mandated cap would lead to production curtailments and severe economic consequences.”

Since cheap and abundant energy is the backbone of prosperity and even civilization itself, the federal emissions cap is yet another extreme anti-growth policy imposed by the Liberals that will leave all of us worse off.

Spencer Fernando


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