WATCH: Stammering Trudeau Refuses To Say There Are No Disloyal MPs In Liberal Caucus

Why was he so unprepared for the question?

Given the fact that potential treason within the Canadian Parliament is one of the biggest scandals in the country right now, you would think Justin Trudeau would be prepared for questions about it.

But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Speaking on Power & Politics on CBC, Trudeau was asked if he could say the same thing NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has said – which is that he is confident there are no disloyal MPs in the NDP Caucus.

Trudeau appeared to be taken aback by the question, stammered, paused, and then finally implied that Jagmeet Singh should be wary of making such a claim.

Of course, that sounds an awful lot like an admission that Trudeau is aware of disloyal MPs in the NDP Caucus, and the Liberal Caucus, meaning he is refusing to level with Canadians despite knowing people within our own government have been co-opted by hostile foreign states.

As noted by John Thomson, Trudeau’s answer “just buried him”:

Trudeau looks absolutely horrible here.

As much as I don’t like Jagmeet Singh, both Singh and Poilievre are being far more open than Trudeau on this.

Poilievre has called for the names to be released, and says he will remove any disloyal MPs/Senators from the CPC Caucus.

Singh has said he would do the same, though now claims that isn’t necessary because – in his interpretation of the NSICOP report – no NDP MPs are implicated.

But Trudeau is opposed to releasing the names, and refuses to say there are no Liberal MPs implicated.

All of this will only further confirm the suspicions of many Canadians that the disloyalty goes right to the top.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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