68% Want Trudeau To Resign

How can anyone in the government still think Trudeau has any legitimacy left?

With the government refusing to release the list of disloyal MPs/Senators, the Canadian government already has a legitimacy problem.

And now, we can add Trudeau’s massive unpopularity to the mix.

According to a new Ipsos poll, a full 68% of Canadians want Trudeau to resign as Liberal leader.

Just 32% think he should stay on as Liberal leader.

“Should Trudeau resign as leader of the Liberals in 2024?”

Yes: 68%
No: 32%

Ipsos / June 14, 2024 / n=1001 / Online

How can this government continue operating as normal when they aren’t revealing the list of traitors, and when a huge majority think the Prime Minister shouldn’t be in office anymore?

Spencer Fernando


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