THE TRUDEAU ERA: Canada Had ZERO Per Capita GDP Growth Over The Past SEVEN Years

Stagnation and decline.

What defines the Trudeau era?

Foreign interference?



Destroying Canadian history?

High taxes?

Military weakness?

Rising crime?

Unaffordable housing?

All of those things are certainly ‘features’ of the Trudeau era.

Yet in the long run, it may be our stunning economic stagnation that ‘best’ defines Trudeau’s time in office.

And a new chart shows how severe that stagnation has been. We have ZERO per capita GDP growth over the past SEVEN years:

“*NEW* With today’s release of the 2024Q2 population, we can update Canada’s GDP per capita series. Average income down 2.45% between 1st quarter of 2023 and 2024. Level is virtually identical to 1st quarter of 2017. Seven years of no economic growth.”

Seven years.

Massive debt.

Nothing to show for it.

Our peer nations race ahead.

Canadians stagnate, and fall behind.

An absolute disgrace.

Thanks Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando


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