WATCH: Poilievre Denounces Hamas-Inspired Hate Camps, Slams Trudeau For Enabling Anti-Semitism

From the start, Poilievre has shown leadership and a commitment to defending Canadian values. Justin Trudeau has shown the opposite.

Only one federal leader has been consistent in standing up for the Jewish community, standing up for Canadian Values, and standing against anti-Semitism.

Pierre Poilievre.

And in Question Period, Poilievre called out Trudeau for enabling anti-Semitism in this country and called for Trudeau to shut down the pro-Hamas encampments:

The Conservative Leader has refused to waver from his condemnation of terror groups like Hamas, and has stood behind Israel’s right to defend itself. He has also been unafraid to speak out in support of Jewish Canadians as anti-Semitic hatred has risen.

By contrast, Justin Trudeau has been a pathetic coward.

Trudeau said all the right things shortly after the October 7th attack by Hamas, but the moment supporting Israel and supporting the Jewish community became ‘controversial,’ Trudeau started wavering.

He has since pandered to anti-Semites, distanced Canada from Israel, drawn a false equivalency between Israel and Hamas, and refused to take action against the anti-Semites in the Liberal Caucus or the anti-Semitic NDP.

Poilievre and Trudeau both made a choice. Poilievre chose leadership and a commitment to core values, while Justin Trudeau chose cowardice and the destruction of Canada’s values.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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