70% Say Next Generation Will Have Lower Standard Of Living As Canadians Give Up On The Future Amid Ruinous Liberal Policies

Why do the Liberals keep going through the motions? They’ve wrecked the country. Just call an election and let us end the nightmare.

A country can survive many calamities.

Natural disasters.

Economic crises.


What matters is whether a country believes in itself, believes in its values, and belives there is hope for a bright future.

But what happens when a critical mass of people lose hope and start to give up?

What happens when a country no longer believes in itself?

Well, Canada is about to find out.

Because things have gotten so bad under the Liberals that a whopping 70% now expect the next generation to be worse off:

As Anthony Koch said on Twitter, this is profoundly sad:

At this point, Liberal MPs need to ask themselves why they are still going through the motions.

Why keep pretending the government hasn’t wrecked the country?

Why keep lying to Canadians?

Why keep dividing people?

Why keep fulfilling Trudeau’s sociopathic narcissism & desire to stay in power at all costs?

Why keep imposing an extreme anti-growth, anti-prosperity agenda pushed by communists like Steven Guilbeault?

Now, there’s only one thing the Liberals can do to make the country a better place. End this national nightmare, call an election, and give the country a chance to move on.

Spencer Fernando


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