Poilievre Says Immigration Will Be “Much Lower” Under Conservatives

It’s just common sense.

In a French-language interview with TVA, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre declared that immigration levels will be much lower under a Conservative government:

“Pierre Poilievre declares in a French-language interview that he will make immigration levels “much lower, especially for temporary immigration,” adding there is “no room” to “bring 1.2 million new people to Canada every year.””


This is simply common sense.

Canada’s immigration levels are insane right now, a result of the Liberals imposing a radical experiment on the Canadian People that has driven up housing costs, weakened our social cohesion, and accelerated the crumbling of our social programs.

So, Poilievre is 100% right to be calling for lower immigration, and the vast majority of Canadians are going to agree with him on this.

On immigration, it’s the Liberals – not the Conservatives – who are extreme, radical, and out-of-touch with Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


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