To Protect Our Way Of Life, The West Must Stop Trying To Appease Terrorists & Anti-Semites

When dealing with rational individuals and groups, negotiation, compromise, and even concessions can be helpful. But that’s not what the Western world is dealing with right now.

One of the great strengths of the Western world is our emphasis on rationality.

Obviously, we are not fully rational – no human society ever will be – and our recent embrace of extreme climate policies and extreme social policies shows there is still significant irrationality to be found. Still, this is nothing compared to much of the rest of the world.

It can be easy to forget the degree to which much of the world is still motivated by an obsession with ‘saving face,’ views all economic and military success as a conspiracy against them, and allows ancient hatreds to guide their actions rather than embracing the future.

The Western world is uniquely future-focused, uniquely willing to comprise and listen to different points of view, and uniquely attentive to tangible results, rather than identity.

Again, this may sound odd given how rampant identity politics has taken over, but the fact that we are shocked by the rise of identity politics indicates that it is largely antithetical to baseline Western values. And of course, if we think identity politics are bad in the West, they are far worse everywhere else.

Strengths are weaknesses, weaknesses are strengths

Unfortunately, as we have drifted from our core values, the Western world is also now under assault from within.

Radical Islamists and anti-Semites have identified how the strengths of the West can be used against us.

They have turned our strengths into weaknesses.

And now, they are so emboldened that they feel ‘liberated’ to take over the streets and openly attack Jewish People:

“Los Angeles, 2024, not Berlin 1938. This is what happens when “Globalize the Intifada” is put into action.”

“Angry mob looking for Jews.
Germany 1938?
Nope, Los Angeles 2024″

These are modern day pogroms, and they are only going to intensify unless our leaders – and the general populace – wake up fast.

The key mistake we are making – and by ‘we’ I’m referring to well-intentioned people who support Western values – is to think that every civilization is the same.

We keep trying to deal with anti-Semites and radical Islamists as if they were rational groups/individuals. And so, we keep trying to be nice, we keep giving concessions, and we keep downplaying the spread of vile hatred as if it is just one meeting or consultation away from being brought to a halt.

This just makes things worse, because we are dealing with extremist groups who have a conquering mindset. They will gladly take all the concessions we give, and then get even more extreme and ask for more. Their goal isn’t to integrate or have their concerns heard, their goal is to take over, wipe out Western values, push Jewish People out of our country, and then impose their radical ideology.

Set boundaries & enforce them

The only realistic way to push back against the extremists is to set strong boundaries, and enforce them.

Arrest those inciting hate against Jewish People.

In instances where the anti-Semites and terror sympathizers aren’t Canadian/Western Citizens, deport them to their country of origin.

Ban groups like Samidoun – as many of our peer nations have already done.

And publicly assert the primacy and inviolability of Western values – making it clear that the West will always be a place where we prize individual freedoms, religious tolerance, women’s rights, and democracy.

If we want to preserve our way of life, assertion must replace appeasement.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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