Doug Ford’s Decision To Remove Goldie Ghamari From The Ontario PC Caucus Is The Type Of Surrender That Slowly Erodes Western Civilization

No single action leads to a civilization being lost. But actions add up, and so do their consequences.

Let’s imagine a hypothetical scenario for a country.

Year after year after year, those who have the strength and wisdom to speak out against radical Islamist fundamentalism are silenced, while Islamist apologists, anti-Semites, and those who hate the Western world are coddled and tolerated.

What will that country look like in five years?

How about 10 years?




Do you think it will be more free over time, or less free?

Do you think women will have more rights as time goes on, or fewer rights?

Do you think it would remain democratic?

Do you think it would still resemble anything close to a ‘free nation’?

I think you know the answer.

This demonstrates that a civilization isn’t lost in a single moment.

Even when a country falls because of a decisive battle, or revolution, that battle or revolution is simply the culmination point of a process that began a long time ago.

Countless small decisions – small surrenders – led to the final disintegration.

This also means that the disintegration is taking place long before it becomes apparent to most of the population.

And I think that’s what we are facing now in Canada.

Bit by bit by bit, this country is becoming dangerously desensitized – and even accepting – of anti-Semitism.

Our discourse – including at the highest levels of the government, media, and academia – is dominated by anti-Semites who hate the Western world.

Our political and media elites – who consider themselves impeccable avatars of ‘progressivism’ – have chosen to appease radical Islamists under the guise of ‘acceptance’ and ‘multiculturalism,’ thus embracing one of the most regressive and anti-freedom ideologies on the planet.

The more this continues, the more Canada is headed down the path mentioned in the hypothetical scenario above.

And with that in mind, the decision by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to remove MPP Goldie Ghamari from the Ontario PC Caucus is incredibly disturbing.

This is the statement issued by Ford:


The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), had pushed for Ghamari’s ouster.

The Ontario NDP – who have chosen to embrace anti-Semitism – also called for Ghamari’s removal.

A dangerous surrender

Make no mistake, Ford’s move is a cowardly one, and it represents a surrender to forces who are seeking to undermine Canada’s Western values and seeking to make Canada a ‘safe space’ for anti-Semites.

As an Iranian-Canadian, Ghamari represents an incredibly important perspective, with a connection to a nation that was ruined by Islamist fundamentalism.

The people of Iran have been brutally oppressed by the Islamic regime, and Iran has become one of the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism.

Yet, much of the Iranian population is very much pro-Western, and wishes to escape the clutches of the Islamic regime.

Thus, people like Ghamari add to the strength of Canada by defending freedom and democracy, and by warning us about what will happen if Islamic fundamentalists are not countered.

“Goldie Ghamari (the first female Iranian Canadian MPP) has been a staunch supporter of truth, freedom, human rights, Israel, & the Jewish people (along with every other group who stands against extremism). The word is @fordnation just kicked her out of the Ontario Conservative Party. There are reports the National Council of Canadian Muslims demanded the Premiere kick her out and he did. Huge mistake.”

Ghamari has also been one of the strongest defenders of Canada’s Jewish community amid the rise of anti-Semitism.

And so, in a reasonable and rational world, Ford would have praised and promoted Ghamari rather than trying to silence her.

His decision to remove Ghamari is the kind of surrender that – if repeated over and over again – can lead to the weakening and ultimate collapse of a nation or civilization.

In the absence of any kind of courage or long-term wisdom from Ford, it is up to the rest of us to ensure that voices like Ghamari’s are not silenced and ensure that we continue to fight for a Canada where freedom, democracy, and Western values are defended, and where radical Islamists and anti-Semites are never allowed to gain the upper hand.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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