Anti-Semites May Be Stupid, But That Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Pose An Existential Threat To Western Civilization

A combination of weak leadership across the Western world and years of undermining our history and our values has given rise to a strain of proudly ignorant anti-Semites on the far left and far right who our enemies are happy to use as useful idiots to bring us down.

A good way to tell whether someone is acting in good faith is to consider whether their arguments would strengthen our country, or strengthen our adversaries.

For example, if someone on the left says they think the military should seek to recruit people of all backgrounds, that can be considered a good faith argument since more military recruitment would benefit Canada.

Similarly, suppose someone on the right says the military should do more to emphasize Canada’s proud military history and should eschew overt political correctness. In that case, that is also a good faith argument, because it could lead to a stronger military and a more motivated populace.

By contrast, if someone on the left says the military is nothing but a tool of imperialism and calls for us to cut defence spending even further, that is a bad-faith argument because it would weaken our country at a time when adversarial nations like China and Russia are building up their forces.

And if someone on the right says Canada or the Western world isn’t worth defending because it is “too woke” and thus calls for a weaker military, that is also a bad faith argument since it would increase the relative power of countries like Russia and China by weakening the West.

Unfortunately, many people seem unable to distinguish between the good faith arguments – essential to open debate in a democratic society – and the bad faith arguments.

There is a growing strain of thinking on the far left and far right that is almost proudly ignorant. And that ignorant group just so happens to neatly line up with the growth of anti-Semitism.

Just look at this horrific graffiti in Montreal:

This seems to be far-right anti-Semitic messaging, but it’s similar to the far-left anti-Semitic rhetoric in that it embraces the ‘omni-cause.’ Jewish People are blamed for everything someone dislikes.

The far-left blames Jewish People for capitalism, imperialism, and racism.

The far-right blames Jewish People for communism, anti-imperialism, and a myriad of racial conspiracies.

Stupid & Dangerous

A key reason many have dismissed the problem of anti-Semitism is that the anti-Semites are so blatantly stupid.

To any somewhat rational and decent person, blaming all the world’s problems on Jewish People is so insane as to be dismissed out of hand.

Yet, just because an idea is false and stupid doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

The fascists and communists of the 20th century believed a ton of incredibly stupid and insane things and ended up killing tens of millions of people.

And that danger exists today. Anti-Semites are primed to believe that every aspect of Western society is nothing more than an evil conspiracy. This makes them easy fodder for Communist China and Fascist Russia. It’s no coincidence that anti-Semitism is spreading like wildfire on TikTok – often in a ‘left-coded’ way, while also spreading on Twitter in a more ‘right-coded’ way.

China wants anti-Semitism to spread among Western left-wingers to undermine the West, and Russia wants anti-Semitism to spread among right-wingers to undermine the West.

Consider someone like Jackson Hinkle, who espoused rabid anti-Semitism, hates the Western world, supports Russia, supports China, and pushes racist narratives non-stop.

Look at Candace Owens, who has quickly gone from a relatively reasonable right-leaning pundit to someone who utilizes anti-Semitic rhetoric, has pushed proto-fascist revisionism about World War Two, and is now moving into ‘flat Earth’ territory.

Look at the disturbing marches taking place in the United States:

Look at what happened at a softball game, where anti-Semitic protesters yelled at children:

We are now seeing the results of weak leadership in the West, years of undermining our own values, being too tolerant of rampant ignorance, and doing nothing as our adversaries take advantage of our weaknesses.

And now, the greatest Civilization the world has ever known is being torn apart from without and within with anti-Semites leading the effort to destroy the West.

Our authoritarian enemies are loving it.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. Each of us must do our part to push back against the anti-Semites and reaffirm our confidence in Western values, or all could be lost.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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