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Trudeau Cowardice

COWARDICE & WEAKNESS: Trudeau Expresses Mere ‘Disappointment’ With China’s Thuggish Actions Against Kovrig & Spavor

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Scandal brewing as Trudeau minister still can’t provide proof of projects worth billions of dollars

Most BC residents would ban foreigners from purchasing real estate, according to new poll

New book claims Trump does not like Trudeau and once told staff to attack him on TV

Toronto Police

VIDEOS: Protesters Call For Abolishing Toronto Police
Genius-level thinking. After all, it’s not like Toronto has any crime or shootings…

Budget Deficit Could hit quarter of trillion dollars

Neverending Lockdown

Conservatives Support Motion that RCMP Systemically racist

Pathway to Conservative government lies in Atlantic Canada

Leslyn Lewis

Leslyn Lewis Slams The UN

Dr. Tam warns of a second outbreak: ‘it may only take one new case’

Far-left groups are being commandeered by the social and economic systems they wish to destroy

Maxime Bernier: Compelled conformity, the far-left media, a pause on immigration

US Money - Tax Cuts

Trudeau Extends The CERB By 8 Weeks

Everyone is Cancelled

Canadian Senate on alert after madman sends ‘COVID-infected letters’ to staff

WATCH: Spencer Fernando On Why Canada Is NOT A Racist Country

Ricky Gervais Mocks Virtue Signalling Celebs over BLM

RCMP Insanity

HUH? Charles Adler Absurdly Insinuates Erin O’Toole Wants To Take Back Canada From “Non-Whites”

Canadians Can’t Trust Francois Philippe-Champagne

Disturbing: Despite 54 Convictions, IRB Wanted Violent Refugee Released

76% of Canadians want a total pause on immigration

FUREY: The silver lining changes of the pandemic

The teachings of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson are needed now more than ever

Gender-critical feminist professor removed from service role for making students feel “unsafe”

WHO Coronavirus

Total Incompetence: Another WHO reversal

CCFR Real Conversation
A real debate on private gun ownership in Canada?

Canadians Detained In China

Ruthless Chinese Communist Regime Charges Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor With ‘Spying’

TNC: Conservative Leadership Series

Analysis: Media hounded Harper for UN Security Council loss, but gives Trudeau a pass

Liberal MP Slams Trudeau Over “Unprecedented, Unsurprising” UN Vote Loss, And “Obsession” With “Partisanship Over Leadership,” OOPS – No Wait My Bad That’s What She Said About Harper

Jagmeet Singh Demonizes People

Jagmeet Singh Thinks Everyone Who Opposes His ‘Systemic Racism’ Motion Is A ‘Racist’

Ethical journalism suffers under the yoke of progressive ideology

NBC tries and fails to get The Federalist banned from Google

University organization backed Antifa riot that led to five arrests

Carbon Tax Could Hurt Canadian Farmers

Canada risks losing food security as government refuses to help farmers

Ontario Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara spent Easter in jail, but it was kept quiet

New York City mayor tells contact tracers to NOT ask if COVID positive people attended George Floyd protests

Armed standoff in Iqaluit, RCMP advises residents to stay away

The CBC should be defunded, not the police

After Criticism For Spreading Short Video Clip, CTV News Exec Deletes Tweet & Network Shares Full Video

Another Canadian university cuts ties with China-influenced campus group

Greta Thunberg gets in Trudeau’s way during last stretch of UN Security Council race

When will universities stop caving to the far-left?

69% of Twitter users replied negatively to videos of Trudeau kneeling at protest

CBC cancels Wendy Mesley for saying a word

WATCH: Man at Toronto Black Lives Matter protest calls for removal of Winston Churchill statue

Ineligible CERB recipients have already repaid $190,000 to the Canadian Revenue Agency

Sohrab Ahmari – Combatting the woke mob and how conservatives can win the culture war

Will Canada's Housing Market Collapse

Home prices to decline by $45,000 next spring: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

WATCH: Undercover journalists reveal Antifa ‘fight club’ training sessions

Trudeau offers many words but no concrete action on Chinese takeover of Hong Kong

Andy Ngo launches lawsuit against Antifa group, individuals involved in assaulting him

ESKENASI: Let’s talk about Canadian problems, not divisive American rhetoric

Trudeau skirts questions about sexual harassment investigation into former Liberal MP

Trudeau launches ‘completely voluntary’ coronavirus contact tracing phone app

Rosemary Barton Trudeau Haircut

Breaking Urgent News: Rosemary Barton Confirms Trudeau Got A Haircut

Mexico pauses temporary foreign workers program

Families of Canadians who died in Ukrainian flight shot down by Iran demand justice

90% of small businesses cannot qualify for government rent subsidy

Bill Blair Arrogance
Despicable Misinformation: Bill Blair Lies To Canadians About AR-15

Thomas Jefferson statue toppled outside high school in Portland

The NYC school system is teaching my ten-year-old son that he’s racist

Lady Antebellum renames itself due to racial sensitivity, steals new name from black blues singer

George Vancouver statue vandalized in city of Vancouver

Bell launches five new 5G network towers across Canada

Trudeau’s virtue-signalling won’t stop racism in Canada

Doug Ford Ontario Shutting Down Schools

Premier Ford and Minister Elliott being tested after potential exposure to coronavirus

American Jews looking to Israel as anti-Semitism in the US rises

Merriam-Webster changes their definition of ‘racism’ after 22-year-old asks them to

Fewer environmental inspections carried out under Trudeau

MALCOLM: Hong Kong has been abandoned

Winston Churchill Demand Crazy Protester Fool
VIDEO: Man At Toronto Protest Demands Removal Of Statue Of History’s Greatest Anti-Fascist Winston Churchill. (Isn’t That A Pro-Fascist Demand?)

Vancouver Businesses Board up Storefronts Ahead of Friday Protests

Iran’s Deadly Coronavirus Lies

Trudeau government deletes faulty Chinese coronavirus data from report, health minister proven wrong

Montreal Radicals Looting

MALCOLM: Far Left has Hijacked the George Floyd Protests

Oakville charges $750 fine for social gathering in home



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