Butts Shares Tweet Praising Idea Of “Global Scheme Of Carbon Taxes Uniformly Imposed On All Countries”

Get ready for the carbon tax to go up and for more and more control over Canada’s economy to be handed over to supranational institutions.

In a tweet criticizing Andrew Scheer, Gerald Butts once again showed how the Trudeau Liberals are obsessed with giving more and more power to global institutions at the expense of Canadians.

While falsely claiming that Trudeau’s hated carbon tax was based on “economics and science,” Butts quoted a tweet calling for a global carbon tax:

“Canada will have an important debate about how to tackle the pollution that causes climate change in 2019.

The @JustinTrudeau plan is based on the best available economics and science. The @AndrewScheer plan does not (yet) exist.”


Here’s the Tweet Butts was quoting:

“Laureate William Nordhaus’ research shows that the most efficient remedy for problems caused by greenhouse gas emissions is a global scheme of carbon taxes uniformly imposed on all countries. The diagram shows CO2 emissions for four climate policies according to his simulations.”


What a joke.

Butts ignores clear evidence of the failure of carbon taxes, including how BC’s emissions keep going up despite them having a carbon tax for years.

But more disturbingly, the fact that Butts is sharing a tweet supporting a “global scheme of carbon taxes uniformly imposed on all countries,” is quite concerning.

It’s also no surprise, as the Trudeau Liberals have shown over and over again that they’ll seize every opportunity to give more and more of our power over to global institutions, while using ‘climate change’ as an excuse to take money away from the Canadian People.

And considering the influence that Butts has over Trudeau, we know that the carbon tax will keep going up and up and up as long as Trudeau is in power.

Spencer Fernando

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.Peter black

Now we are seeing environmental communism emerging.. this is the greatest scam in history. Communism comes in many forms.


Carbon dioxide is NOT NOT NOT “pollution”. It is a small, naturally-occurring component of our atmosphere that is absolutely essential to plant life, and therefore ALL life, on this planet. If levels drop too low, everything on earth will die. There is still no solid evidence that it has any effect whatsoever on our climate. All of the overblown scary predictions are based upon faulty computer models that, so far, have a 100% failure rate. None of the outlandish predictions have come to pass, or are showing any sign whatsoever of coming to pass. Data has been cherry-picked, tortured, and… Read more »

Michael P Ivy

In addition, and this is a big one for me, there is no statistical correlation between the level of CO2, or changes in CO2 and global temperatures. None. In other words, CO2 explains nothing about global temperature.


One world Government. The BS from Butts has absolutely nothing to do with environment or climate. Rather than Trudeau Carbon Taxes, the Liberals should be shutting down industries, food production, transport and manufacturing. Why go through the useless step of devastating taxes to kill the economy and destroy our standard of living when they can skip that step entirely. Combing BC’s Carbon Taxes with a decent economy is insanity and horribly misleading. That implies two things – that Carbon Taxes help the economy and that Carbon Taxes don’t hurt an economy. If BC is so great, imagine how incredible it… Read more »

Elaine Finn

Butts has no place in politics & has no right to speak since we the Canadian people didn’t elect him to any governing position. This guy is employing the communist tactics of using global warming as a strategy to take our money by fear mongering that “the sky is falling” compliments of chicken little.

Eric Blair

Has there ever been a Principal Secretary to any PM of Canada as vocal as Gerald Butts is? Usually these people are in the background with their influence felt but not uttered in public. With Trudeau it is different as his Principal Secretary is his brain as Justin has not intellect to be PM now or ever. Kind of reminds me of Bush II and Cheney with the latter really being in charge.

Ken (Kulak)

How did we get to the point where the inmates run the asylum?

Clive Edwards

Ah, the “carbon tax”. Who gets a cut of the transaction fees at a “carbon exchange” (similar to a stock exchange)? Also, depending how it is implemented now and in the future, it could involve “penalties and interest” on those who either can’t pay because they prefer to eat, heat and drive or somehow run afoul of the new bureaucracy. I’m surprised they aren’t saying, “keep your guns but pay a carbon tax of a dollar a round”.

shawn harris

Just think about how and where Trudeau acquired his environmental knowledge, socialist ideology and desire to be a dictator. With the exception for environmentalism, he learned everything he needed to be a dictator from his father Pierre Trudeau, who also admired, supported and followed communist leaders, such as Fidel Castro of Cuba. His twisted and warped knowledge on the environment, he has learned from his fellow and delusional believers in socialism. So it is no wonder at all, that Trudeau’s deliberate ignorance about all things capitalist and environmental, has lead to his dismissal , delegitimization, and demonization of everyone who… Read more »


The only pollution is that crap coming from butts mouth or is it from his butt,the sooner we get rid of this liberal garbage in Ottawa, the better off we will be

bob Fry

Someone needs to Tell Gerald Butts that Canada is Carbon neutral already due to our land mass and number of trees, this is the biggest Scam job in the World. Canada pollution is 1.60 % of the Worlds if you even believe that figure. The climate change is all due to Mother nature, and no matter how much carbon tax, it is going to happen Wake up Canadians it is all a scam. for your money through taxes and ruining this country.