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Welcome to SpencerFernando.com, one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing websites.


“The Canadian government is called ‘Canadian’ for a reason. It’s supposed to serve Canadian Citizens above all else.”

– Spencer K. Fernando

Spencer Fernando is the son of a father who came to Canada from Trinidad, and a mother born in Canada descended from Irish & Italian ancestors.

From a young age, Spencer was interested in understanding how the world worked, and why things are the way they are. This led him to an interest in politics, which continues to this day.

Spencer has worked in a wide variety of jobs: Policy analyst, communications director, opinion section editor for two university newspapers, constituency office worker for a Member of Parliament, as well as previous jobs at call centres, and Home Depot. Additionally, through having been involved in different political parties, helping with his father’s photography business, and undertaking his own self-directed study of countless topics, Spencer Fernando has a unique ability to get to the truth.

Now, Spencer is using his experience and his skills to build one of the fastest growing websites in Canada, bringing insight into issues that much of the establishment media and corrupt elites prefer to hide, spin, or ignore.

Spencer believes Canada is in need of truth-telling now more than ever, as the citizens who work hard and built this country are increasingly ignored, denigrated, and betrayed by a government focused only on serving global interests, instead of serving the Canadian People.

He believes that Patriotic Canadians fighting for what’s right can lead Canada to achieve the full and unlimited potential of our nation.

Spencer Fernando’s willingness to speak the truth has found a wide and growing audience, and he is grateful to all those who read, share, and support his writing.

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Katie Leto

I have newly discovered your website and I think your writing and even the aesthetics of the site are first class. I now check you daily and tweet every article you write. Where are you geographically located?


I’m glad you asked that Katie I thought Spencer was a Toronto boy and would have continued to assume such for who knows how long? Not that it makes any difference, it’s all Canadian we are all Canadian and we all suffer under the same Liars. I Am pretty new here as well and I have to agree with you, what I read here written by Spencer, published in Truth, Just as it is, is not, as we all know, our common, run of the mill, mainstream media reporting. You know the kind I mean. With All Reporters reporting the… Read more »

Pete Soucy


Judy Jamieson

Spencer: You are a Canadian Patriot Extraordinaire! Continue the great work!
P.S. I was born in Winnipeg…a great place for independent free thinkers!


I live in Winnipeg.do you affiliate with any political party?

Diane Duncan

Now that you have brought the China Love-Affair with Trudeau to light, what can be done to stop him…..don’t just tell us this stuff…………..give us a solution!!!


The only solution, is to vote consevative sadly, & hope Trudeau is trashed in 2019. If only the liberal party would replace him, as their leader & then maybe, they just might pick someone, with common sense.

Diane P Morin

I have an American friend who sent me one of your articles. Now I receive them daily. Thank you for uncovering the truth about Justin Trudeau!

Janet Hanbury

I am from Winnipeg as well … Thank you for exposing the truth. There are so many people unaware of what the Liberals are doing to the country. I share your posts on Facebook in the political groups daily. I think your readership has grown a lot. Keep up the good work

Del Rokosh

July 31. Spencer, your Contact form page is broken.

Your site could be the premier Canadian news site. I stop by here quite a few times each day, eagerly looking for more dirt on Trudeau and what seems to be his hatred of Canada and Canadians.

Everybody, please support Spencer.

Who are the haters

Yes, Spencer gives me hope, He has a spine, is honest and shows integrity.

Mike B

Honest, courageous, and truthful journalism. Thank you for your hard work.

Pamela McColl

The speech by Justin Trudeau P.M. at the United Nations in which he suggested that he and his government would address the injustices done to the indigenous people of Canada was ingenous as little over a week ago the Standing Committee on Health met to discuss Bill C45. No youth were called as witnesses, one scientist was invited and then uninvited when his brief was submitted and it was learned he would be discussing the specifics risks of legalization to the people of Nunavut – including an increased risk of a rise in suicide and birth abnormalities resultings from marijuana… Read more »


Vodka to Russians = BC Bud to Canadians


His only motive to legalize Pot is to garner new, younger and less astute voters. His legalization rhetoric had ZERO homework on the pro’s and cons of legalization, no plan to deal with dope-impaired drivers, taxation or anything else that a sound government policy should have before introducing new laws. Simply ‘Never going to be ready’, Trudeauesque move.


You got that right! “Justine” is only interested in votes at any cost, and all his photo ops and shaking of hands will not save him from his demise-Canadians are now seeing the “real drama teacher” that hasn’t got a clue about politics other than how he can line his own pockets before he loses the election.

Joyce R.

Wow, you are so common sense, love your articles ! Just curious I know you studied in Manitoba, where were you born ? Just curious. I was born & educated in Manitoba, always amazed how people from Manitoba are always way before their time compared to other provinces.


New book by Thomas Quiggin
Submission: The Dangers of Political Islam to Canada (warning to America)
A must read by all Canadians. Guest speaker on the Roy Green show last Sunday show.
Great read!


Thank you Moe for reminding us of Thomas Quiggin book. I heard a lot about it and I am sure it must be a must ready by all Canadians concerned by the political climate in the West now.

Esther Backler

I am beyond thankful to you for speaking the truth about what I consider to be the greatest threat to our country; political Islam (and Justin Trudeau).

LJ Henshell

Would it be possible to share your published work on the new Red Pilled Canadians site? I am looking for Canadian bloggers and independent media who believe in free speech and see what is occurring in Canada. We are an extremely new, volunteer ran Canadian News and Blog website, “We will present stories that have not been shared by many other news sources for various reasons, you will not find many CBC, MSN or CNN stories shared here. We also use other resources besides google and facebook to locate stories, we are in every community, every city, town and village… Read more »

Ellie Wong

Thank you for the precise and clear quote from Boyle about the friendship going back to 2006!!!!

What is most worrisome and urgent re Trudeau….he does not seem to care at all about opinions of such a huge section of voters…Hindus, Christians, and now Chinese too….As though he has a Plan B…


Everyone – watch how the Liberal M-103 cartel is changing things. They now want to make it a law to QUELL any comment or opinion of Islam. They are proposing the Canadian government, police and military monitor the internet and cell calls and use force to “defend” Islam in Canada.

Emily Viggiani

Mr Fernando,

I am thinking to become a journalist like you. I am taking journalism classes. I am currently working as an unpaid music journalist intern to gain experience interviewing. I am also working on a portfolio/blog. However, I feel truly alienated by most literature from the industry. There is a strong left-leaning bias that I don’t relate to. Aside from your blog that I happened upon recently, what else would you recommend that I read?


Emily Viggiani

Thank you so much!!


Hello Mr. Fernando. I’ve been following you for a few months now & may I say thank you. I enjoy reading your articles very much. You do provide a lot of insight & valuable information on politics that most people have no real clue about it. You’ve made it so that people should start learning & thinking more about how, what & why a government is for. Thank you for being on the side of the people.

Carolanne Reynolds

If Jordan can’t afford to build a road, maybe it can’t afford to buy planes.
Do you know that Jordan’s popn is about 10M?
Don’t know if the stats include refugees but there are perhaps 1.5M Syrian refugees and 2M Palestinian refugees.
Costly, hm?

Jacinte Lamothe

Thank you Spencer for all the great work you do. We, Canadians, are very thankful.


You may be just what I am looking for in a news/opinion website. I will be checking and using your articles to support like positions. Best of luck!

Gar Swaffar

As an American interested in what’s happening North of the border, your sire is greatly appreciated. There was a good source in days gone by and it has now digressed to pablum for the masses with AFP feeds filing most of the slots.
Your site on the other hand has an engagingly straight forward presentation of reality. Thanks for doing what you do.


Surprised to read an American would care about us, in the frozen great north. It’s mostly Canadians I bet, who follow American politics, with a passion.


What a shame, the mainsteam news & entertainment media in Canada & the USA, is from the left wing mindset.

wayne kennedy


Harland Lesyk

I follow what you write regularly and appreciate the voice you are giving Canadians. Well written and honest. Good job

Kerry keller

Hi spencer. I am from saskatchewan. Ive been following many of your articles. Thanks for the truths. I have a story for you if you are interested. It deals with past, present and future. I have seen some things that pertain to every peron on this planet. These things are in play as we speak. There is a message in this that must be told by someone who speaks the truth. Are you up for it?

Roger Duncan

Are you supporting the Federal Conservatives in the next election?

Thomas Tass

I have just come across your webpage and the various articles you have authored. All I can say is outstanding! You are doing what is necessary to bring facts and information forward perhaps just in time as Canadians face a federal election that is historical on so many levels. One more mandate for the Liberals and it will be the beginning of the end of Canada as we know it.

Em Kitt

Who supports this media?

Jennifer Hanrahan

Thank you Spencer, I have been following you for a couple of years now. I have appreciated your honesty and truth in your articles. I feel you are a true voice for all Canadians. I always share your posts, tweets and tell as many people about you every chance I get. God bless you.