All Who Love Freedom Must Work Together To Defeat The Red-Green-Brown Alliance

Fascists, Communists, and Islamists are working together. If they win, they will destroy our freedoms, take away our rights, and kill millions of people.

There are many ways to organize a country or society.

But there’s only one that has proven itself able to consistently protect individual freedom, sustain long-term technological advancement, and bring peace both within and with other like-minded nations.

We can call it ‘Liberal Democracy’ or Democratic Capitalism,’ but both mean the same thing: Significant protections for individual rights, limits on government power, strong private property rights, and relatively free and fair elections. 

Any objective reading of the facts makes it clear that Liberal Democracy/Democratic Capitalism is by far the best form of societal organization.

The world already should have figured this out in the 20th century. Fascism proved to be a genocidal and economically illiterate ideology that caused suffering on an unprecedented scale. Even in defeat, the fascists killed tens of millions of people – many of whom were their own citizens. Had Germany won WW2, an even larger genocide would have taken place, as the Axis planned to kill at least 50-100 million more people.

After WW2, Liberal Democracies fought it out with Communists. Communism proved to be both more oppressive and less able to generate prosperity than the free world, and it largely crumbled as a worldwide alliance of nations, though individual countries like China still seek to impose Communist authoritarianism. And of course, the Communists – like the Fascists – killed tens of millions, often their own citizens.

But now, the Fascists and the Communists, the ideological losers of the 20th century, alongside newly resurgent radical Islamists, are crawling out of the woodwork and seeking to plunge the world back into war, chaos, and death.

Make no mistake, when we see far-leftists, Islamists, and fascists marching together in Canada and working together to spread anti-Semitism and undermine the Western world, we are watching the growth of a very dangerous Red-Green-Brown alliance.

The red refers to communism, the green to Islamism, and the brown to fascism.

Despite the obvious superiority of Democratic Capitalism, many still desire unchecked authoritarian power for their own insane ideology, and the radicals are thus working together to try and bring down the free world.

When people say “the hate that begins directed towards Jews doesn’t end there,” that’s what it means. The far-leftists, Islamists, and fascists are all rabid anti-Semites, but they also hate a myriad of other groups. Jewish People are their first target, but not their last.

If any part of the Red-Green-Brown alliance had their way, if they ever took power, they would take away your freedom, take away your rights, take away your ability to vote, take away your ability to speak, take away everything you’ve worked for, and even try to take your life.

And so, all of us who value freedom, whether we call ourselves Conservatives, Moderates, Progressives, or whatever other label, must work together to defeat the Red-Green-Brown alliance that threatens everything we hold dear.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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