Photo: Gerald Butts Meets With Upcoming Debate Moderator

Many Canadians are raising concerns about photo that shows Althia Raj meeting with Gerald Butts.

A photo is circulating showing Gerald Butts meeting with Althia Raj, the HuffPost journalist who is also a moderator of the upcoming federal election debate.

“@gmbutts is busy busy busy.

I’m told this is happening, right now, at WHALES BONE with…. Someone who looks awfully like an upcoming DEBATE MODERATOR, @althiaraj??? Is that you?

Tomorrow or the next day he’s got coffee with @darrellbricker

Just Bananas!”

Notably, Kouvalis relays what was allegedly overheard at the meeting:

The person who sent me the photo of Butts & (what looks like) @althiaraj, tells me that the following was overheard between the 2 of them:

“If we lose we have to get rid of Trudeau, it’s the only way to please the country”, said @gmbutts

This is not a Toucan! This is BANANAS!”

Questions were raised about the timing of the meeting, and when exactly it took place.

An Ottawa lawyer shared a Tweet containing four pictures, claiming that the meeting location has been “closed since last week,” due to “renovations.”

However, he neglected to look closely at the photos he himself shared, as one of them points out that the location is open, and asks people to go through a different entrance.

Many are now raising serious concerns about perceptions of bias:

“I always go out for a meal with my kid’s teacher the night before a big test. Doesn’t everyone?”

“You’re a debate moderator. Why are you out to dinner with Gerald Butts? #CdnPoli #BlackfaceTrudeau #TrudeauCorruption

P.S We don’t care which blue collar job #Scheer4PM had. He’s not a trust fund baby elected because of his last name.”

“The last time @althiaraj had a photo as popular as her and Gerry’s Sunday dinner was the last time her and her friend Justin were photographed together @NickKouvalis”

“It’s dumb, on Raj’s part. She’s a moderator in an important debate that is just a few days away. She can’t be seen as favouring one side or the other. This will strongly suggest that she does. Like I say, dumb.”

Whatever the story is behind the meeting, as they say “perception is reality,” and this will feed into the growing perception of rampant, anti-Conservative, pro-Liberal media bias in this election campaign.

Cynicism and distrust will only get worse.

Spencer Fernando 

Photo – Twitter

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Liberals…what a bunch of sneaks!

Margaret Barber

you mean Snakes…

old white guy

You meant snakes, right.


They make sewage look good.

Kevin Durham

Especially as it flows out of Montreal into the St Lawrence River.


No matter, she and colleagues moderators will go easy on trudeau. They probably will ask ‘tough’ ques for us to hear but what comes out of trudeau of a none answ to tough ques but accussations reg to Harper’s yrs, they will leave answ as is. But, will demand a proper ans from Scheer no doubt and lesser answs from Jagmeet and May, both of who are potential coalition partners with trudeau.
It’s not difficult to figure out the planned ahead ques and memorized answers from trudeau.

Ron Shaw

To obvious
Now there’s proof that Justin’s liberals are in bed together with the media . It’s time to defund all media outlets and dishonest biast journalists . This unacceptable in Canadian politics .

Bonnie Turner

Hope real Journalists raise the bar NOT meet in a bar where public opinion sends them all into a pit of unworthiness and contempt for bias as well as what this photo implies. Ckne on Journalist make sure Democracy is NOT destroyed by the strategy of Butts that attempts to destroy his enemies.

Coco Chanel

She is not dumb. This is purposeful. They are working and coordinating their plans for a Justin win or maybe a save Justin from stuttering to death and being totally destroyed. Either way its planned contrived and totally evil.

pancake rachel corrie

Wait a minute…huffpo isnt biased ????

Shawn Harris

Connect the dots, Trudeau elections reforms , tilt the election in his favour, Trudeau spent the summer spending more than 12 billion dollars bribing Canadians everywhere, he bought the media, and then legislated the debates, picked the moderators, and now Butts is most likely detailing exactly what questions should be use and giving her the answers Trudeau will give. What other outcome could there be, than the expected puffballing of questions for Trudeau and painting Scheer as the devil incarnate. The best possible thing to happen would be the Mulrooney moment of 1984, when Mulrooney made John turner appear to… Read more »

Chaz Martel

Liberal corruption to the end. Given all that Liberals have done already to fix the elections this is hardly surprising; rather, what is surprising is that people continue to be shocked and taken off guard.

Leo Frey

Lol…and the liberals are afraid of election tampering and foreign interference in the upcoming election. Canadians should be fearful of Liberal interference. The liberals are lowlife snakes when it comes to honesty and morals.

Arie Intveld

What is so wrong with two members of the Ministry of Propaganda discussing election tampering over some eats and drinks?


Butts is just taking ideas from Hillarys playbook 2016. Remember Donna Brazile gave Hillary the questions for at least one of the debates with Trump.

old white guy

Much like the “debates” in the US, these shows are as far from actual debates as a kindergarden class is from quantom physics.


Nothing surprises me with the liberals anymore. They have no shame.

Andy Rondeau

The media isn’t even TRYING to pretend they’re not colluding with the Trudeau Liberals.


This Meeting of Gerald Butts and Moderator of the upcoming debate, Althia Raj has been seen online on Spencer Fernando website and other websites, but has never been mentioned by the Media or even by any of the Federal Candidates. Why hasn’t it been publicized even by the Candidates to prove to Canadian Voters that Trudeau is not smart enough to answer any question intelligently. He needs his “Brain” Corrupt Gerald Butts to get the questions before the debate, so he can prep Justin Trudeau with how to answer. If this isn’t Deception of the Canadian Voters, I don’t know… Read more »

Exiled Maritimer

Love to see Scheer challenge her at the start of the debates and demand for her to leave the podium. It would put the issue of media collusion front and center and remove the planted questions and put the rest of the ‘moderators’ on the defensive. Scheer will have one chance in English debates to hammer home liberal dishonesty and it would mean the election. Love the line of them having to get rid of Trudeau if they lose. Best illustration of sock-puppetry they could give us. Here’s hoping the real adult Liberal party cleans house and comes back strong-… Read more »

William Jones

Lie, connive, lie, deceive, lie, connive, deceive, lie, connive, deceive, lie, connive, deceive — hey, it’s the Liberal way,.