WATCH: At Press Conference, Freeland Fails To Condemn Genocidal Anti-Semitic Chants

Freeland – apparently unaware that things like video and audio exist – said she couldn’t comment because she “wasn’t there.”

If there’s one thing politicians love to do, it’s to comment on things.

Politicians like Chrystia Freeland comment on things all the time.

They comment on world events.

They comment on the state of the nation.

They comment on news stories.

They comment on what their opponents say.

And nearly almost everything they comment on is something they either read, watched, or heard.

In short, politicians are always commenting on things that happened elsewhere.

Thus, when a politician claims they can’t comment on something, what they’re really saying is that they don’t want to comment on something.

That brings us to Chrystia Freeland.

When asked about genocidal anti-Semitic chants at rallies near Parliament Hill, Freeland pathetically claimed she couldn’t comment because she wasn’t in Ottawa. Then, she – as the Liberals have done over and over again – conflated anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

This pathetic lack of leadership from the Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister.

She appears to have forgotten that things like video and audio exist and that people don’t need to have been where something happened to comment on it.

Of course, the reality is that Freeland doesn’t want to comment because she and the Liberal government continue their disgusting attempt to ‘play both sides’.

The problem is that on one side we have those who believe in democracy, believe in individual freedom, believe in standing with the Jewish community, and believe in the Western world. On the other side, we have a bunch of rabid anti-Semites who hate everything the Western world stands for, who oppose democracy, who oppose individual freedom, and who glorify terrorism and genocide.

With their ‘both sidesism’ and pathetic cowardice, the Liberals continue to push our country deeper into the abyss.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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