POLL: Rejecting Trudeau’s ‘No Business Case’ Claims, Clear Majority Of Canadians Want To Expand LNG Exports

The extremist environmental policies of the Liberals have severe geopolitical consequences.

When the Liberals took power, they gloated that “Canada is back.”

Eight and a half years later, Canada has never been less credible on the world stage.

Allowing China to infiltrate our democratic institutions has led to our allies distrusting us.

We don’t pull our weight in NATO.

And our vast energy resources – which could be helping our allies – are being strangled by eco-radical policies from the Liberal government.

Now, a new poll shows once again how out of step the Liberals are on this. As it turns out, while Justin Trudeau sees “no business case” for increased Canadian LNG exports, a clear majority of Canadians want to ramp up those exports:

“Do you support or oppose building Canada’s first natural gas export facilities in order to expand its exports of gas to other countries?”

Support: 65%
Oppose: 20%

Nanos Research / April 18, 2024 / n=1237 / Online

The refusal of the Liberal government to listen to public opinion, and their failure to help our allies, has led to serious geopolitical consequences, enriching countries like Iran and Russia at our expense.

Canada must move beyond these extreme policies and get back to listening to the common sense of the Canadian people, which means ramping up LNG exports to enrich our nation and help our allies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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