HORRENDOUS: Canadian Army Releases Shockingly Awful New ‘Rebranding’


If there was any doubt that the Liberal government was deliberately trying to destroy all of our connections to Canadian heritage, the Canadian Army has released a new ‘rebranding’ that is so bad it seems like must be a joke.

Here it is:

“This is horrid, simply horrid.

This is worse than “new coke” rebranding, I mean if coke had dropped “coke” and just called it “NEW” they would have equaled this effort.

WTAF, did they focus group this outside NDHQ to non military Canadians?

What are they now, Tetris?”

It’s even worse when you look at what it replaced:

From one perspective, this is hilarious.

The ‘pixellated moose’ is such a terrible graphic that we just have to laugh at it.

But it’s also a real problem, because it’s a deliberate attempt to wipe out Canada’s heritage, and it makes our military look more like a joke at a time when we have a serious recruiting crisis.

Reverse immediately

The backlash is already spreading online, with the ‘rebrand’ being universally denounced and mocked.

The Liberal government – who obviously had final approval – must reverse this immediately. If they don’t, the Conservatives must reverse it immediately upon taking power.

Spencer Fernando


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