WATCH: Trump Delivers Oval Office Address

U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a speech from the Oval Office, discussing the government shutdown and border security. After his remarks, the Democrats responded.

Trump’s remarks:

Democrats response:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Don Taylor

pelosi and schumer makes a person want to vomit


They do. It used to be that once an election was over, the Americans got behind their president no matter how they had voted in the election.


I agree with Mr Trump, wanting to protect the USA borders. But the democrats and the liberals want open borders, and sanctuary cities, so the taxpayers can take care of illegal immigrants, look at our country Trudeau has open our borders, and now we have sanctuary cities. The liberals are corrupt and insane. A nation without borders and laws is not a country.


President Trump was right to say the swamp must be drained, Americans need protection from them, the U.N. is ineffective and now causing millions of migrants around the world so much harm. The world needs more President Trumps.


I totally support President Trump….which probably means I’m a minority …lol….Wish we had a Prime Minister who would love his country like President Trump loves his….

Ed Peebles

When Trump is impeached , Take Trudeau also !


schumer and Pelosi wreak of now