REVIEW: Bards Of War – Fighting Is Everything

A movie all Canadians should see.

I recently had the opportunity to watch Bards Of War: Fighting Is Everything.

It’s a movie featuring footage of Canadian soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, right in the midst of pitched battles and including the honest, unfiltered opinions of the heroes Canada sent overseas.

Here’s how the video is described on the Bards of War website:

“Fighting is everything…

In July of 2006 filmmaker and citizen journalist Scott Kesterson was asked to cover Operation Mountain Thrust. The operation was led by COL Ian Hope, commander of Canada’s Task Force Orion. The mission was to attack Taliban sanctuaries in key areas of Kandahar and Helmand Provinces. These areas were a hotbed of insurgent activity, and the center point for their opium production, finance and terror operations.

Kesterson was attached to Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, known as the “Patricia’s”. The events that unfolded were an awakening, showing Canada and the world that the soldiers of this quiet neighbor up north understood the meaning of conviction, ruthlessness and righteousness.

The lesson we all learned was clear… fighting is everything.”

Having watched the entire film, I wholeheartedly recommend that you purchase it and watch it.

Here’s the official trailer:

The footage of the ‘Patricia’s’ in the midst of battle is gripping, and shows the courage and toughness of Canada’s soldiers. And the breaks in between battle footage, where soldiers share their thoughts on their mission, the state of the world, and the importance of defending our way of life is an amazing opportunity to hear directly from those who serve our nation, rather than the politicians.

The movie costs $9.95 to purchase online, and if you can afford it I highly recommend that you support the amazing work of Scott Kesterson. A link to purchase the movie is below.

(Scroll down the page and click ‘Buy Now’)


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube (from official trailer)

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Norbert Kausen

… in the mean time, this reprehensible government makes a mockery of EVERYTHING we, soldiers, have fought for, it has usurped our direct relationship to canada and to Canadians and it has openly laughed in our faces, by bringing back ISIS fighter, by financing Islamic organizations and countries which openly support terrorists, theVERY terrorists we were fighting AND then they cut back our Veteran’s pension by 1.8 BILLION dollars while stating we are asking for more than they can give… Trudeau and his government are a DISGRACE to Canada and Canadians and they are TRAITORS to Canada!!!

Don Taylor

Canada started having trouble as soon as the idiot Turdeau became PM by some fluke


Notice the comment – Rather fight them over there rather than at home. With Trudeau, we will be fighting them and him here. It has started.


Imagine the exact opposite in Canada.
Now, who is the invader?

Gunner Lalonde G-Battery 3RCHA
Shilo, Manitoba 1981-1985


Those of us who have served will not be surprised in any way — we were trained, we believed and we knew how to do the jobs were were trained to do — but I still intend to watch the movie.


This is not news to those of us who served. Canadians were (are) recognized around the world as some of the best and we know what our jobs were and carried them out efficiently — and we were proud to serve. Unfortunately, the present government make it difficult to deal with the problem one encounters in the field and with the problems caused by our government as they clearly demonstrate nothing but disrespect for our present members, as well as those have gone before.