PHOTO-OP: Trudeau Government Uses Arrival Of Saudi Refugee For Crass Political Gain

Why did Chrystia Freeland have to insert herself into the story?

The Trudeau government did the right thing by helping Rahaf al-Qunun come to Canada.

Rahaf was fleeing the ruthless Islamist regime in Saudi Arabia, and her life was in danger because the Saudis see renouncing Islam – which Rahaf did – as a ‘crime.’

However, the Trudeau government couldn’t just stop at doing the right thing.

They had to try to benefit from it politically, exploiting the situation by making sure to get a photo-op.

Instead of having Rahaf come to Canada quietly and under the radar (which would be far safer), Chrystia Freeland went to the airport, and walked out with Rahaf, making sure all the cameras were watching.

It’s such a crass moment that even some from CBC criticized it:

“This comes off as… smarmy. ‘Let’s use this traumatized refugee for a photo-op right when she steps off the plane. No, no questions, please, she’s tired.'”

Amazingly, even Catherine McKenna’s husband Scott Gilmore slammed it:

“There’s something very grubby about using an asylum seeker, recently traumatized by her own murderous family, as a photo op prop.”

And more than just being crass, the Trudeau government’s obsession with a photo-op could be dangerous for al-Qunun.

In an interview, Canada’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia says the government shouldn’t be “milking it.”

“So in that term of how we might be “milking” this, what are you watching for?”

“There will be obviously … media attention when she arrives, and the question is how much we politically associate with this, how much of a political football she becomes — if we have the prime minister greeting her and the minister greeting her and press conferences and all of that.”

And there’s still risk here in Canada:

“The network of support women who have been helping her say that they’re not only worried about her because her father is around and followed her over to Thailand and he’s a high-ranking government official trying to make contact with her, but they also mentioned that she renounced Islam, which is a crime punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. How can she be protected?”

“That’s right, and we’ll have offended a number of very sort of extremist elements, if you will, that are even here in Canada.

So she’s in a risky situation, particularly because of that profile, which is why I think it’s even doubly important that we not try and use her as a poster child, try not to politically exploit her as government or as Canadian organizations.”

And, as many have pointed out, why hasn’t Asia Bibi – facing severe danger for being a Christian in Pakistan – been granted asylum in Canada?

The Trudeau government should have passed on the photo-op. But that’s not who they are. They can’t pass up any chance to score some political points, even when it could be harmful or exploitative of others.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Trudeau will sacrafice anything for his gain. Stupid move.

Brian Dougan

Turdo sends his flunky for the photo-op? How unlike the narcissist. Maybe he had one of his “personal days.” Or–He was chomping at the bit to go–but his handlers chained him to a post.


If she renounced Islam, doesn’t that make her an Islamophobe under M103?

Jennifer Jay

WHEN -EVER in all of our history has Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs accompanied a refugee from one country to Canada? I may be wrong but there’s everything wrong with this. Shame on the Libs. #photoop


Do you agree to pay her free welfare, rent, health care and food for life?
Why work when all this is free?
This is why we have an immigration problem!

Also, why are we interfering in other countries problems, while ignoring our own?

Allen Burrell

I truly hope the inept liberals do something right to help this young woman settle and be safe. It’s not like such barbaric and senseless have never happened in Canada before……On July 23, 2009, Mohammad, Tooba Yahya, and Hamed were arrested on charges of four counts of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder under the guise of honour killing.[2][3] They were found guilty of all four counts by the jury in January 2012. The trial, which took place at the Frontenac County Court House, was believed to be the first in Canada conducted in four languages – English,… Read more »


This is clearly a move by the Trudeau gov,and in particular Freeland, to give the finger to Saudi Arabia for making a fool of them this past summer. Freeland thinks she is getting the last laugh by, as publicly as possible, telling the world that she is responsible for bringing this girl to Canada and saving her from big bad Saudi Arabia. Of course Freeland has no real concern for this young woman for all the reasons pointed out un this article. I have a feeling things will not end well for this young girl and will put our country… Read more »


She needs 10.5 million $ …………

Gonzo the Magnificent

Yeah. I’m surprised the Liberal Party got involved at all given that this girl was renouncing Islam! To be fair though, I think any government at the time would have done the same thing.


Liberals have no shame but this is beyond disgusting. This despicable creature has recklessly compromised Rahaf’s safety by shining a glaring spotlight onto what should have been a very low key operation for no other reason than pompous self-promotion. I guess screwing up trade deals and alienating the international community did not suffice to satisfy her pathetic need for self-glorification.




Would have preferred to see Asia Bibi and family being granted refugee status here.

Phil Bannerman

Trudeau uses everything for a photo op There is decency in the Liberal party exploit who ever they can Aboriginals, immigrants,illegals . anybody they can use to make themselves look like hero’s. Canada has become the joke of the world and Trudeau the head clown is for now in charge .The buffoon sure put Canada on the Map with his trip to India acting like he was functioning without a brain The Liberals and Justin Potato head are an embarrassment to this great country . Time to purge this Government in this coming election