Karen Wang’s Comeback Bid Rejected By Liberal Party

Wang’s attempt to rescind her resignation was quickly shot down.

Karen Wang’s bid to ‘unresign’ and remain as the Liberal candidate for Burnaby South has been swiftly rejected.

Wang had resigned (aka the party told her to go and wrote the statement for her) after comments making a racial appeal for voter support against NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

In a letter to the PM and Liberal Party, Wang had attempted to ‘unresign,’ saying she wanted a second chance to be the candidate.

In her letter, Wang had said “I strongly believe in the liberal party’s values-liberty,equality, diversity, internationalism, responsibility, human dignity, democracy, religious freedom, speech freedom, compassion & Multiculturalism and a just society! I consider Justin Trudeau as my role model as a politician for his fairness, wisdom, compassion, charisma & big heart for our people!”

All to no avail, as Wang’s attempt to run again was shot down by Liberal spokesman Braeden Caley:

“Recent online comments by Karen Wang are not aligned with the values of the Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberal Party has accepted her resignation as a candidate and she will not represent the Liberal Party in the Burnaby South byelection.”

The Liberals now have a limited amount of time to find a new candidate, and the chaos certainly provides a boost to Jagmeet Singh’s chance of winning the riding and getting a seat in Parliament.

Spencer Fernando