REPORT: Communist China Threatens “Repercussions” Against Canada If We Ban Huawei

It’s now obvious to all Canadians that China is not our friend.

China is now issuing threats against Canada, warning our nation not to join allies such as the United States, the U.K. and Australia in banning Huawei’s infiltration of 5G networks.

As noted by Reuters, China’s Ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye said, “If the Canadian government does ban Huawei from participating in the 5G network, then as for what kind of repercussion there will be, I’m not sure, but I believe there will be repercussions,” Lu said through an interpreter, urging Ottawa to “make a wise decision on this issue”.

The Communists also warned us not to try gaining the support of our allies – which is a completely absurd warning to make:

“Lu said when Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland went to the World Economic Forum in Davos next week she should avoid “microphone diplomacy” and not try to rally support.

“If Canada has a sincerity of resolving these issues, then Canada will not do such things. We hope Canada thinks twice before making any actions,” he said.”

That’s not the way a friend or ally of Canada talks.

At this point, nobody can deny that China is an opponent of Canada, and the Communist State cannot be trusted. It’s time for Canada to start distancing ourselves from China and making our country more protected and self-sufficient while focusing on our true friends.

Also, Canada should show China exactly what results from threats: Ban Huawei Now!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

running this country, i do believe you mean ruining this country.


Are we surprised? No. China thinks we are a client state. Maybe we are? I’d love to know how much money China has invested in Canada.


Behold.This is not Peoples Republic Of China.Its National Socialist Republic Of China.Usurpers and self appointed leaders are showing their true colours.Its time to show them the door.

Elizabeth Thorne

I am not to sure what people expect from Dumb and Dumber.


I wonder what Justin Trudeau thinks of China’s “basic dictatorship” now.

So tell me, Fernando, just what kind of REPERCUSSIONS do you think China will levy against Canada? China NEEDS our oil, LNG and other resources. Do you really think China would risk getting these with their repercussions????

Shawn Harris

The question has to be asked, well Justin, how’s that love of the basic Chinese dictatorship working for you? It’s nice to see that the Chinese are giving you and Canada the respect you earned. After all, they love you so much , they call you little potatoe. All the while you continue to try and get a free trade deal with China, while our citizens are being kidnapped and threatened with death. So just to recap, Justin when are you going to find a real spine, show China , that Canada won’t be pushed around and threatened and that… Read more »


So if Turdo had a proper and respectful relationship with the Trump administration they could collaborate on the extradition of the Huawei executive. The trouble with Our PM is that he lacks any credit/leverage…well maybe George Soros or Barack Obama could help but I don’t think so. The Little Potato is up the creek on this one.

Donna D

Justin, do you see now that China’s basic dictatorship is not to be admired?

D Met

Because of the enormous trade Canada currently does with China, it may be difficult to simply disrupt/cancel business. Check out how many products at Costco are sourced from China. A conservative guess would be 97%


People should do their research on 5G….It is extremely dangerous, which includes wanting to control the world….Look it up….I pray to God that Canada rejects 5G. If not…we may not have a future as a country….


The phone should never been allowed in Canada to begin with. Just as it’s not in USA

Clive Edwards

If China is going all “silly bugger” on us, that only leaves the Russians. As long as the Commies don’t regain control, Russia looks to be the world leader we all hoped the U.S. could have been, but for their “deep state” and fanatical war mongering, their forcing technologies on whomever they can that are not supportive of health, and lest we forget – their control over Alberta oil.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Hockey Night In Canada needs to stop having Huawei as a sponsor. I wonder what Don Cherry thinks not that we’ll find out.

Eric Blair

And look to see who are ambassador is in China… John McCallum, a liberal hack given the job by Trudeau to get him out of the Commons so someone that was not an old white guy could take his place. I always thought that ambassadorships for mayor trading partners or important countries went to very experienced diplomats. What experience does McCallum have at being a diplomat? None. Come to think of it didn’t Chretien have his nephew be the ambassador to the US and he opened his mouth regarding who the Canadian government would like to see win the presidential… Read more »


Well then we should thank the Chinese ambassador to Canada for confirming just how embedded his government is in Huawei


Do not buy chinese c**p.

Vote conservative next election. Trudope the lefty idiot has to go.


Spencer, I fully agree with you. Canada should distance itself from China and BAN Huawei from Canada. Stephen Harper didn’t want Huawei from doing business in Canada, but when you have an Imbecile Pretending to know how to run Canada, this is what we get!

Pete Korky

We should not allow Huawei G6 into our country, China has to much of our technology already, a few years ago we sold out of VAncover our top electronic to them which apperantly had alot of our top secret info.

Hugh Armstrong

thats insane… wow.