Delusion: Trudeau Claims Taking Our Money Away With Carbon Tax “Helps Families Get Ahead”

Unbelievably out of touch with reality.

Justin Trudeau has never had to be concerned about paying bills or struggle to make ends meet.

Yet, you would at least think his advisors would stop him from tweeting the graphic he recently shared on Twitter.

Here it is:


Taking more money from families helps them get ahead?

Making doing business more expensive helps them compete?

Extracting money from the economy helps the economy grow?

What kind of bizarro world are we talking about here?

Those claims are absurd, and are literally the exact opposite of what’s really happening.

It’s incredibly out of touch, and it’s no surprise from a PM who views money and concerns about money as an abstraction, rather than something most Canadians have to constantly think about and that has a real, immediate impact on our lives.

This is a clue about Justin Trudeau’s upcoming election strategy: Just make stuff up and hope people buy it.

We need to keep spreading the truth and make sure he doesn’t get away with it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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And the Windsor Star printed a story today saying that almost all Ontarian s were disappointed that Rob Ford cancelled the Cap and Trade carbon tax? I guess they have to print what their told to, as Trudeau is paying them all with our tax dollars and debt? These media liars are as bad as the LIEberals.

Gonzo the magnificent

Are you ready for 4 potentially more years of this lunatic? it could very well happen as much as I hate to believe it myself.

Brian Dougan

The biggest election-time whoppers will be printed/spoken by Trudope’s most “trusted” MSM lackeys. It will mean a bigger share of the $650 million pie for them. We are really inching closer to becoming a true communist state. A banana republic without the banana plants.


How would Trudeau know about the real world, having been raised with a golden spoon in hand, he is clearly out of touch with reality or he just doesn’t care.

Don Taylor

Trudeau and his advisers have little concern for the Canadian people and the people hate him for ,it is time for him to grow up, he has to come to the realization that he is not a little boy and act like a man

Major Tom

Trudeau turns a garden hose on the taxpayers…..and tells them its raining………


Spoken like the true Big Brother. Positively Orwellian !

Moe. S.

The Ontario Prov. Liberals told Ontarians the Cap & Trade tax would be “good for us.” The average electricity price ballooned to 70%. Because of ALL the faux pas of those idiot Liberals Ontarians are on the hook for $170 BILLION hydro debt over 26 years. If that isn’t bad enough, those same power-hungry Liberals left Ontarians with a 2.1 BILLION provincial debt. Trudeau’s attempt at ‘gaslighting’ won’t work on Ontarians who are fed-up Liberal BS!

Sewer Rat

Ontario’s debt is 321.8 billion. NOT 2.1 billion.

Moe. S.

CORRECTION: The Ontario Provincial deficit is: 325 Billion with annual interest of 12.5 Billion!

Ivan Hawkes

Obviously, being a complete LIAR, a bone head, a con man, is okay with some people in Canada as they STILL support this guy. It’s okay that this guy GIVES AWAY MULTIPLES OF BILLIONS of our money for foolish reasons, which comes with compounding interest of course. Some Canadian people think it’s fine for this guy to sacrifice their future and destroy their sovereignty and ability to govern their own families lives and future. All Justin has to do is sit on a stool and bold faced LIE to people, ignore their valid statements, then walk away unscathed, and people… Read more »


Spencer, I just cannot understand why so many Canadians are being food by this Moron. Trudope is taxing Canadians for pollution, exempting the BIG emitters with a 90% break on the tax, not letting Canadians know how much the tax will increase each and every year, and Canadians know that it will definitely increase, allowing this increase to make our standard of living worse each and every day – into poverty, and people are actually saying that the Carbon Tax is a good thing. Thousand of Renowned Scientists are dismissing the fact that carbon is causing pollution and stating that… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Ya! Und verk vill set you free!

shawn harris

Trudeau says, that by having all of us, except himself of course, pay a continuously increasing carbon tax, then i and many millions of taxpayers should by Trudeau’s thinking become fabulously wealthy and live like millionaires. All because we surrendered to his fantasy that if we give him all of our money to become richer than we are now. Somebody has to tell Trudeau, he is living in a warped fantasy world and he has to stop believing his own lies. But then coming from someone who has never worked a day in his own life and believes that budgets… Read more »


We have no industry left in Ontario.We are unwilling or unable to build vital pipelines to get our oil to marker, Federal provincial relations are at an all time low. The economy is barely of passing interest to Trudeau and we are picking fights with major trading partners such as China and Saudi Arabia over issues that we can nothing about. Canada no longer functions as an amourphous country we are like a bunch of squabbling medieval city states looking for pope Justin to throw us a bone. Sad,sad,sad.

Brian Dougan

They’re not just liars; their lies are outrageous. This brazen pair has no conscience; no morals.

Barry Bateman

Why is it that so many Canadians are gullible to watermelon politics? Green on the outside; red on the inside. Both are complete lies. Without CO2, all life dies. And we’re at 140 million year lows. Still searching world history for successful socialism.


The photo says it all. Two clowns. Two idiots.