Delusion: Trudeau Claims Taking Our Money Away With Carbon Tax “Helps Families Get Ahead”

Unbelievably out of touch with reality.

Justin Trudeau has never had to be concerned about paying bills or struggle to make ends meet.

Yet, you would at least think his advisors would stop him from tweeting the graphic he recently shared on Twitter.

Here it is:


Taking more money from families helps them get ahead?

Making doing business more expensive helps them compete?

Extracting money from the economy helps the economy grow?

What kind of bizarro world are we talking about here?

Those claims are absurd, and are literally the exact opposite of what’s really happening.

It’s incredibly out of touch, and it’s no surprise from a PM who views money and concerns about money as an abstraction, rather than something most Canadians have to constantly think about and that has a real, immediate impact on our lives.

This is a clue about Justin Trudeau’s upcoming election strategy: Just make stuff up and hope people buy it.

We need to keep spreading the truth and make sure he doesn’t get away with it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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