Scheer Slams Trudeau For Not Firing John McCallum Sooner

“It should never have come to this,” says Scheer.

Andrew Scheer is slamming Justin Trudeau for not firing the incompetent former Ambassador to China John McCallum sooner.

Scheer spoke out on Twitter.

Here’s what he said:

“It should never have come to this. Justin Trudeau should have fired his ambassador the moment he interfered in this case. Instead, he did nothing and allowed more damage to be done. More weakness and more indecision from Trudeau on China.”

Scheer had called for McCallum to be fired immediately after McCallum’s first comments on the case, when McCallum had claimed the Meng Wanzhou had a ‘good case’ for extradition, remarks which sparked widespread outrage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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im happy he is gone now Trudeau next an it will make my year !!!


Go Andrew Scheer! Canadians need a Canadian who loves Canada and respects what is Canadian and it’s laws, laws we need fairly put back in place equally for each and every Canadian so we can try and get Canada’s unity back. McCallum, along with the rest of the traitorous communist foreign run, hate Canada Lieberals/NDP/Bernier(yep a Lieberal plant) should all face charges for more damage to our country. This next election is so important.


Low hanging fruit. What is Scherr going to do if he gets office? Recriminalize pot? Stop corporate welfare? Dismantle Marketing boards? What is his plan to handle the Trudeau deficits and house and screen all the illegal immigrants? C’mon Andrew, show us why we should trust another career politician!! Remember Goodale is a career politician too….

Don Taylor

Anything will be an improvement to Trudeau and his lieberal Party,at least Scheer comes across as being HONEST


I can only dream that the marketing are

mack conway Watch a TRUE American that loves his Country!! Can we find Canadians to stand up for Canada LIKE THIS!!! A MUST WATCH !! A TRUE American Patriot, Douglas M Ducote Sr, & His Dad & Mom!!