REPORT: Trudeau Votes AGAINST Motion Calling On Him To Rule Out Tax Hikes

If Trudeau holds onto power, taxes will skyrocket, taking even more money out of our pockets.

As I’ve said for some time, there’s no doubt that Justin Trudeau will raise taxes if he gets back into power.

And now, that is confirmed even more.

In the House of Commons, a Conservative motion calling on Trudeau to commit – in writing – to not raise taxes, has been voted down.

And Justin Trudeau voted against it.

Think about it. With an election approaching, it would have been so easy for him to commit to not raising taxes on the Canadian People.

He refused.

He left the door open to more tax hikes.

And the rest of the Liberals voted against it as well:

“BREAKING: Trudeau refuses to rule out tax hike; votes against Tory motion calling on him to commit in writing to no new taxes.

Vote results:
82-for the motion.
212-against the motion.”

If Trudeau couldn’t even bring himself to vote for that motion in an election year, just consider what massive tax hikes he has planned if he gets back into power.

The carbon tax will keep going up, and he’ll pile new taxes onto all of us to pay the endless stream of illegal border crossers and misspending.

With the economy facing severe problems, with massive household debt and stagnant wages, imagine how much worse things will get if Trudeau keeps adding on more taxes to Canadians who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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I just know that fool will get elected again. God help us.


I unfortunately had the opportunity to live through the first trudo & never in my wildest dreams thought his imbecile kid would be elected but I was very very wrong. I am very disappointed in the eastern electorate for falling for the bs spewed by the media & pushing the name of trudo. I tried to warn a few people from NS I that worked for me on the rig but there were hoodwinked into believing that Harper was some kind of evil demon. I could not get any of them to look at what trudo sr had done to… Read more »


Blame the Maritimes because they all voted Liberal, so hopefully now they will vote Conservative or it will be the end of our great Country.


Canada must re unite, and vote this hate Canada one world communist puppet LIEberal party, out of power.

William w

Like taxes.Vote Libtard.

Robert Rice

Keep up the great work Spencer. We need more like you who will bring us honest news reports about what the trudeau government is doing and is committed to doing to hard working taxpaying Canadians, and future taxpaying Canadians. I know that you must be spending a lot of time researching and reporting on the news that Canadians need to know. I know that it must be hard on your personal life, especially seeing that you are still regarded as a newly wed. I just want you to know that I appreciate it very much, from both you and your… Read more »