POLL: Hypothetical ‘Western Canada Party’ Would Win In The West

The party would come first in every Western province, except in Manitoba where it ties for first.

A new Angus-Reid survey reveals that a hypothetical ‘Western Canada Party’ would be the most popular in the four Western provinces.

The Western Canada party would win 35%, while the Conservatives would win 29%. The Liberals and NDP are far behind at 15% and 13% respectively.

Here are the provincial breakdowns:

British Columbia

Western Canada Party 32%, Conservatives 23%, Liberals 15%, NDP 17%.


Western Canada Party 40%, Conservatives 36%, Liberals 13%, NDP 8%.


Western Canada Party 39%, Conservatives 30%, Liberals 11%, NDP 16%.


Western Canada Party 27%, Conservatives 27%, Liberals 27%, NDP 12%.

The hypothetical party leads among all age groups, with 29% among 18-34 years-old, 34% among those 35-54 years-old, and 41% among those 55+.

43% of those who voted Conservative in 2015 would vote for the hypothetical party, compared to 30% of Liberal voters and 23% of NDP voters who would switch.

This is a clear result of the surge of Western alienation being caused by Justin Trudeau’s elitist policies and anti-energy industry agenda. And while it’s unlikely such a party would come into being (the Conservatives and/or People’s Party will seek to address Western alienation), it’s a growing reminder that centralizing power in Ottawa weakens our nation and puts our national unity at risk.

Spencer Fernando


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Don Taylor

where is British Columbia,they should be a part of the west party

Ron Shaw

Brian Gene , here’s your opportunity to unite Western Canada , as nothing good for western Canadians is forthcoming coming this next federal election . There still will be no western representation , our votes will never count , and an eastern government just does not care about westerners . You Brian could make a difference , your presence would help represent the western provinces , and reunite what Justin Trudeau’s government has done to tear apart western unity . The Liberal government and eastern resentment for western Canadians has now brought about long time deep rooted western separation feelings… Read more »


There is western representation. In fact there is representation for ALL of Canada. MAXMIME BERNIER wants to bring Canada back from the brink of destruction to which Trudeau has taken it. Max cares for all of Canada and ALL Canadians. His goals were he to win the PM is to REPEAL all the insane destructive bills that Trudeau has passed. And he plans to do that within months of taking office. We do not hear Andrew Scheer making such promises or any promises for that matter. Scheer is just more of the same. Come on Canadians it is time to… Read more »


I understand the frustration, but to create another party and further water down the Conservatives will only result in a win-win for Trudeau, either with a majority or a minority which would result in a coalition with the NDP. People must rally together to rid our country of the Liberal Party that is obviously quite successfully dividing us, and winning at this goal. Andrew is quite aware of the problems of the west, and Canada in general. He needs to sway the east coast to his party, and a healthy percentage of Quebec. The choice is clear. United we are… Read more »


Bring it on … I want a membership!!
It’s high time that the powerhouse of Canada kicked the eastern bullies out and took charge of what’s rightfully ours. Enough is ‘way beyond enough … the West Wants OUT !!!

Ron Voss

Time to consider the Peoples Party of Canada led by ‘the Albertan from Quebec’.

As he concluded in his speech, “Reconciling East and West with the Right Economic Policies”, at the Equality or Independence Rally held in Calgary on January 26, 2019, “You don’t need to flirt with independence. You need to support the principled alternative that will solve these problems. And that’s the People’s Party of Canada.”


go Max, MAXIME BERNIER PPC, has the best interests of all Canadians at heart. Many people who have refused to vote in past elections because they felt there was no one to vote for will be voting for the first time in their live. They finally feel there is a party they can relate to.

Barry Bateman

Don’t split the conservative vote. Vote Andrew Scheer for our next Prime Minister – and a return to sanity!


I think it is time for a different kind of governing in Canada, I think each province and territory should have more power so the federal government can downsize massively and cost and collect way less tax, each province then can determine and collect it’s own taxes and give a much smaller amount to the way smaller, with a much less powerful federal government, then each province and each territory can fairly work together to advance the country, this would stop one province from controlling the whole country to it’s own benefit, and each province controlling their provincial needs plus… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

I would support such a party as long as it was socialist in ideology.