POLL: Hypothetical ‘Western Canada Party’ Would Win In The West

The party would come first in every Western province, except in Manitoba where it ties for first.

A new Angus-Reid survey reveals that a hypothetical ‘Western Canada Party’ would be the most popular in the four Western provinces.

The Western Canada party would win 35%, while the Conservatives would win 29%. The Liberals and NDP are far behind at 15% and 13% respectively.

Here are the provincial breakdowns:

British Columbia

Western Canada Party 32%, Conservatives 23%, Liberals 15%, NDP 17%.


Western Canada Party 40%, Conservatives 36%, Liberals 13%, NDP 8%.


Western Canada Party 39%, Conservatives 30%, Liberals 11%, NDP 16%.


Western Canada Party 27%, Conservatives 27%, Liberals 27%, NDP 12%.

The hypothetical party leads among all age groups, with 29% among 18-34 years-old, 34% among those 35-54 years-old, and 41% among those 55+.

43% of those who voted Conservative in 2015 would vote for the hypothetical party, compared to 30% of Liberal voters and 23% of NDP voters who would switch.

This is a clear result of the surge of Western alienation being caused by Justin Trudeau’s elitist policies and anti-energy industry agenda. And while it’s unlikely such a party would come into being (the Conservatives and/or People’s Party will seek to address Western alienation), it’s a growing reminder that centralizing power in Ottawa weakens our nation and puts our national unity at risk.

Spencer Fernando


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