DISGUSTING: Trudeau PMO Throws Jody Wilson-Raybould Under The Bus, While She’s Legally Prevented From Defending Herself


Many people have been speculating who the ‘client’ is following Jody Wilson-Raybould’s statement that she can’t comment on the Trudeau PMO SNC-Lavalin bombshell story due to ‘solicitor-client’ privilege.

Now, it has been made clear – by the federal government itself – that the ‘client’ is the Trudeau government.

Wilson-Raybould was considered the attorney for the government of Canada. As a result, her ability to speak on the issue is controlled by the Trudeau government. Ultimately, it would be up to the federal government (controlled by Trudeau) as to whether she can legally speak about it.

And now, the Trudeau PMO is throwing her under the bus – knowing that she can’t talk about it:

“NEW: The Prime Minister’s Office says @Puglaas brought up the issue of SNC-Lavallin in December with Gerry Butts. PMO says Butts told Wilson-Raybould to bring it up with the clerk of the Privy Council. Unclear if she did or not, yet.”

This is disgusting.

Jody Wilson-Raybould is not allowed to defend herself. The only way she could legally get that chance is if the Trudeau PMO allows it.

So, they’re using that ‘opportunity’ to throw her under the bus.

Here’s how Warren Kinsella put it:

“Oh, look. The Sunny Ways folks are sliming an indigenous woman, knowing she can’t defend herself.”

I’ve been very critical of Jody Wilson-Raybould in the past, following her comments on the verdict in the Gerald Stanley trial. However, it’s one thing to criticize someone when they have the legal freedom to push back and speak freely. That’s called free speech and democracy.

It’s another thing to criticize someone and throw them under the bus on a specific issue in which they can’t stand up for themselves.

Jody Wilson-Raybould could say that she was never pressured, but she hasn’t – showing there’s more going on here. And while that speaks volumes, she can’t go further than that. If she was pressured, she can’t say that. If the PMO is lying about her, she can’t talk about that either. She’s in a position where she can either say what Trudeau wants her to say, or say nothing. 

What Trudeau and Butts are doing is an absolute disgrace, and they should be deeply ashamed of themselves. In their desperation and lust for power, Trudeau, Butts, and the entire PMO are further revealing themselves as despicable examples of politics at its worst.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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shawn harris

So much for the openness and transparency that Trudeau once claimed his government would be known for. And along with that his claim that all women should have the same level of equality that is given to men. In Trudeau’s mind fairness, equality and free speech are only rights you have until he changes his mind, which fits in with his love of dictators and communism. Trudeau has had his chance to explain Raybould’s demotion/firing and now her forced silence, but has decided to hide behind his other lawyers; possibly because SNC Lavalin is giving the PM new legal advice/orders.… Read more »

Eric Blair

There is one thing she can do… leave the liberal party of Canada and sit as an independent and try to bring along a number of other liberals with her so that they don’t have a majority anymore. Scheer would then motion to have a non confidence motion brought up in the house.


So why are Canadian taxpayers paying for the LIEberals personal lawyer, I was mistaken to think that meant that the minister of justice would be working for those of us Canadians who pay them to protect Canada and Canada’s laws? But this just proves that they should be paid by their foreign Quebec OWO U.N. owners of the LIEberal puppets, instead of stealing from Canadians for this corrupt foreign puppet government. We need an honest election or a real FOR Canada leader to step forward to protect Canada from this now.

peter black

“despicable examples ” is too kind. They are slimy elite traitorous POS. They are disgusting beyond words


It’s pretty obvious that JWR was subject to pressure by the PMO to intervene on behalf of SNC ‘Lavatory.’ She has had ample time to make a statement to exonerate Beavis and Butthead. her silence is a strong indicator.


We do not have a law enforcement like the US where they are more aggressive. The client privacy is a privilege and not a law. Protecting a client that has broken it can make the lawyer an accessory to the crime.

Brian Dougan

Ms. Wilson-Raybould is under a gag order. If she resigned; would that remove the tape over her mouth? One other point: Kinsella says that Trudope’s minions are “sliming an indigenous woman.” Okay. She’s “First Nation.” Got it. (Everyone bow.) What does that matter? Are Trudeau’s actions more heinous because she’s not White?

Ken (Kulak)

Calling them “despicable” is being kind. I have some other descriptors that are probably more appropriate but not acceptable in a public forum.

Spencer is right about Wilson-Raybould being out of line when commenting about the Stanley trial.

The Laurentian Elite cabal will take care of its own and by the end of February the bought and paid media will have swept this under the rug and the Lavalin Law will be a permanent part of Canadian jurisprudence. One law for you and me and another law for our betters.

Now I will go and eat my cake.

don morris

So,what real penalty would W-R pay if she DID make a public statement? Jail? Highly unlikely, that would be the death knell of the Trudeau government. No,she’d just be dumped from the Liberal Party and be out of the exclusive club. The Greens would undoubtedly be ecstatic to have her,so would the NDP. I don’t see W-R as a noble former A-G, but as a Liberal activist who worked her way to the top then found some of the things she was asked to do were unsavory or even illegal. Every legal scholar I have heard of says there IS… Read more »