VIDEO: Conservatives & NDP Call For Investigation Into Bombshell Allegations Against Trudeau PMO

Opposition parties unite to get answers for the Canadian People.

The NDP and Conservatives are jointly calling for an investigation into the Trudeau PMO, following reports that the former Attorney General was pressured to interfere in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

The Opposition parties will push for hearings in the House of Commons Justice Committee, and bring top-level Trudeau officials to answer questions.

Additionally, the Conservatives & NDP are pushing for the House Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights to have an emergency meeting.

According to the Globe & Mail, “The Official Opposition Leader said those the Conservatives wish to call before the committee include Ms. Wilson-Raybould (now the Minister of Veterans Affairs); her recently appointed replacement as Justice Minister, David Lametti; Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick; Director of Public Prosecutions Kathleen Roussel; Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister Katie Telford; Principal Secretary Gerald Butts; Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister Mathieu Bouchard; Senior Adviser Elder Marques as well as Jessica Prince, the current chief of staff to the Minister of Veterans Affairs.”

Here’s what Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh said:

“If his MPs vote against a motion and try to cover up what happened, Canadians can only conclude that the reports of political interference are true. Should the Liberals prevent PMO officials from testifying, Conservatives will pursue every course of action to make sure Justin Trudeau and his office are held to account,” said Scheer.

Said Singh, “And given the Prime Minister’s response, if he truly wants to clear this up and believes there’s been no wrongdoing, he should welcome an investigation from the ethics commissioner.… Tell us what happened, be transparent, invite the ethics commissioner to investigate and tell us that this is not the case or, if it is the case, then there’s a serious reckoning that needs to happen.”

Here’s the video of Andrew Scheer’s press conference earlier:

Spencer Fernando

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