REPORT: Trudeau Supplicant Attorney General David Lametti Was Lobbied By SNC-Lavalin On Deferred Prosecution

How is this allowed?

On May 30, 2017, David Lametti was lobbied by SNC-Lavalin.

At the time, Lametti was the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of ISED Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

This information is included in a report on the website of the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada, and was brought to attention by Ezra Levant on Twitter:

“Trudeau’s new loyalist Justice Minister @DavidLametti had a private meeting with SNC-Lavalin. They lobbied him. Here’s the proof.

How can Lametti now decide NOT to investigate his friends? Like the corrupt PM, Lametti lacks the ethics to recuse himself.”

The website lists the “Responsible Officer who filed this communication report” as Neil Bruce, President & CEO of SNC-Lavalin.

According to the report, here’s what was discussed (most relevant section in bold):

Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution
  • Federal Budget 2017 — infrastructure funding and renewal, innovation, recommendations to support the manufacturing sector, policy changes related to white collar crime
Policies or Program
  • Canadian international development via Global Affairs Canada (GAC) re policies on funding international development projects; on every available occasion advocate GAC to manage more of its own development resources and open more of its projects to untied competitive bidding by private sector firms as is the practice other aid agencies such as UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)
  • Efficient approval processes for major energy projects
  • Foreign policies as they affect trade; maintaining and increasing diplomatic resources in various foreign markets;
  • Immigration policy with respect to improved business travel visa services;
  • International development policy with regard to increasing use of Canadians, Canadian expertise and the Canadian private sector
  • Policy with respect to Canadian official representation in foreign capitals; concern that with successive GAC reorganizations and budget-cutting that official Canadian representation in key export growth markets will be reduced, undercutting efforts of Canadian firms to grow in these markets.
  • Recommendations on Federal policy re nuclear power development in Ontario
  • The introduction of Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) legislation/regulation/program or policies. DPAs are sentencing agreements negotiated between a prosecution authority and a corporation charged with an offence, usually in the context of white collar crime.
Policies or Program, Regulation
  • Infrastructure funding at the federal level. New Building Canada Fund. National Infrastructure Component and Provincial/Territorial Infrastructure Component. (PTIC-NRP)

  • Nuclear Cooperation Agreements governing nuclear power exports to India and other countries with regard to SNC-Lavalin’s ability to provide services in such markets

Very interesting.

“Policies related to white collar crime.”

“Deferred Prosecution Agreement.”

Those are the exact things under the microscope right now, and Jody Wilson-Raybould’s refusal to bend to SNC-Lavalin’s demands (and the demands of the Trudeau PMO), is why she is no longer Attorney General.

And now, the new Attorney General, who already seems much more ‘open’ to doing SNC-Lavalin’s bidding, is the same guy who was lobbied by SNC-Lavalin about this very same matter.

This is another example of our staggeringly corrupt political system. When the system is this rigged and screwed up, how can any Canadian be expected to trust the government?

We need answers. The Ethics Commissioner investigating is a good start, but it won’t be enough, since the Ethics Commissioner is basically powerless. We need a full, public inquiry that is independent of government influence.

Anything less is unacceptable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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“Efficient approval processes for major energy projects” – That couldn’t possibly mean things like pipelines now, could it? Liberals? Efficient approval process? A Liberal oxymoron.

Don Taylor

most Canadians do not trust Justin Turdeau and his govt,it is no wonder people think they are corrupt

Dave Bainard

Never hurts that Ezra gets a piece of Liberal hide.

Arie Intveld

It is now apparent that the power elite in Ottawa are running Parliament using the same “business plan” as is being used to keep the city of Montreal functioning. What’s next? Should we expect “Mom” Boucher to receive a Trudeau political appointment?

Ken (Kulak)

It just keeps getting stinkier.

Brian Dougan

Slightly off topic; “Minister of ISED Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.” Innovation? Economic development? In Trudeau’s Canada? Surely they jest. That guy has nothing to do all day.


From what I have heard and seen from David Lametti he is a sneaky, lowlife who can’t be trusted with that new job.

Doug green

Hi spencer Love your website it’s never been more important to wake people up to what is going on politically in Canada and worldwide. I just saw a quote from 2012 where Gerald butts who at the time was in charge of the wwf was saying the plan is to kill the oil industry by 2050 and make sure no pipelines are built. Don’t remember Trudeau mentioning that during his last campaign so now they blew four and a half billion tax dollars on a pipeline they have no plan on building. If more people saw that quote what is… Read more »

Moe S.

“Policies related to white collar crimes and deferred prosecution agreement.” Ask yourself, why would either of these criminal code changes be placed within the 2018 Budget Ominus Bill? Changes to the law which would shield corporations charged with “economic crimes” i.e., fraud & bribery? Criminal code amendments are usually contained in justice bills NOT in budget bills.

David MacKAY

Lametti as new AG is sent by Trudeau to meet withe the Criminally accused corporation SNC-Lavlin
after former AG Raybold is removed from the portfolio for refusing to interfere with the prosecution as directed by Trudeau.
Canada has now entered the the realm of blatant corruption as practiced by 3rd world Dictators.

Ivan Hawkes

Are we expected to trust our Canadian government??? I didn’t know that. It has never entered my mind because I’ve never seen any form of government in Canada that has been worthy of any trust whatsoever, including the government of Calgary, of Alberta, and of Canada. None of them have been worthy of any trust, ever. We do have a couple of city aldermen who actually seem to be stand up individuals, and I honour and respect them. For a while I respected Michelle Rempell of the federal conservatives, but now I’m finding out she is very much a globalist… Read more »


I listened to a conversation on msm about this. Do not remember which or who was doing the talking. I was left with the impression that SNC had to be handled differently, because what complicated the matter is that 8700 jobs would be at risk due to consequence of not being able to bid on government contracts. So if you are big enough, you get a pass. Just use your employees as leverage. Also works well for bail outs.


This trudeau butts foreign supported government did not mind wiping out many more jobs than that, and whole companies in Alberta, Canadian jobs right in Canada, snc lavalin has some of their employees in Canada, but not as many as out of Canada, and many of their top people including a CEO have been charged and imprisoned over the years for corruption and many fines world wide, even here in Quebec there are corruption Charge(s) against them at present and one pending, so it is not just Libia charging them for corruption, that needs stopping, plus our corrupt government gives… Read more »


Trudeau and his cronies like the David Lammetti they need the RCMP to come in and do a proper investigation