First Nation Leaders Union Slams ‘Racist & Sexist’ Comments Against Wilson-Raybould By Anonymous Trudeau Liberals In SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal

The PMO seems to be sending out anonymous people to demonize and denigrate Jody-Wilson Raybould, while Trudeau disingenuously claims that he supports her, before she left cabinet.

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs is slamming the anonymous comments by Liberals demonizing Jody Wilson-Raybould.

This is something I predicted. Trudeau and the Liberals are now facing accusations of racism and sexism.

In what appears to be a coordinated effort (probably run by the PMO), the Liberals have been sending out anonymous MPs to say that Wilson-Raybould was always a ‘problem,’ and not trustworthy.

Here’s what the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs said about that in a statement:

“They perpetuate colonial-era, sexist stereotypes that Indigenous women cannot be powerful, forthright and steadfast in positions of power, but rather confrontational, meddling and egotistic.”

They also called the comments “cowardly low blows.”

Additionally, they said Trudeau should “take responsibility for your behaviour and that of your government.”

Massive Trudeau hypocrisy

The fact that this whisper campaign against Wilson-Raybould is happening even as Justin Trudeau claims to support ‘Jody’ as he calls her, once again shows his sickening hypocrisy.

If he supports her, why is his party and the PMO pushing anonymous claims attacking her?

Why play this pathetic double-game?

Perhaps this gross hypocrisy is part of why Wilson-Raybould resigned from the cabinet.

Trudeau is a liar who cannot be trusted. All his talk about ‘reconciliation’ and being a ‘feminist’ is a total sham.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Paul Cook

What a complete looser.
Mr. Dress Up should pack it in now as he has no room left in his mouth, as both feet are currently in it.

James Cook

Say Paul, same name as my Dad, JJ has one big mouth so he can fit in another few pair of size 13. He is a disgrace.


When an ideology like liberalism can only survive through use of deception, misinformation, and manipulation that should tell you right there just how terrible those ideas are.


The name has Lavalin has come up in scandal after scandal just like the arbitrary RCMP, makes one wonder where the judiciary and prosecutors have been?


we knew he was a liar it was the liberals that didn’t lol

Gonzo the Magnificent

We all know he is a TOTAL phony i.e. feminist, reconciler, person that ushers in world peace etc, etc, etc…. The question is: how many Canadians know this truth?


Trudeaus form of fake neo feminism is disgusting right from the start, as we have all seen repeatedly, Trudeau’s “good friend” Gerald Butts destroyed Ontario in a practice run and is now doing so to the whole country, and 33% of UN Canadians still support the lies and deception by these foreign run puppets, the fake dog and pony show with their bought out media. Jody Wilson-Raybould at this point is becoming a real Canadian hero, she certainly seems to be for Canada and would have been a 100% better as a P.M. than Trudeau and Butts. We all must… Read more »

Mike A

Trudeau is the media’s best friend….just when you think he can not possibly top his last gaffe….he proves you wrong, again and again and again.