Justin Trudeau Issues Short Statement After Bombshell Resignation Of Gerald Butts

The resignation of Butts shows total panic within the PMO.

Justin Trudeau has issued a short statement on Twitter following the shocking resignation of his top advisor Gerald Butts from the Prime Minister’s Office.

While Trudeau will have much to answer for and will have to say more, Trudeau has so far released this comment on Butts’ departure:

“Gerald Butts served this government – and our country – with integrity, sage advice and devotion. I want to thank him for his service and continued friendship. Please read his statement today:”

Many people are now asking this question:

If Gerald Butts didn’t do anything wrong, then why did he resign?

Clearly, the PMO is in a state of total panic.

This scandal is just getting started.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Our defacto Prime Minister has resigned !
Dare I say that this just may be the beginning of the end this government .

Dave Allsopp

Gitmo calling?


Better the Trudeau government in panic than the Canadian people.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I hope it finishes with the truth about this government cover-up and Trudeau out the door! I have to tell you though; I won’t believe it until I see it. BUT IT SURE FEELS GOOD THINKING ABOUT IT!


The fake excuses and fake promises from the Mr. Trudeau and his advisers will continue.

shawn harris

If Canadians are to believe what Trudeau, Butts and other PMO staff, no one has said or done anything wrong or illegal in regards to the allegations of pressure applied to Raybould. Only in the twisted world of Trudeau could anyone believe that. Yet if she hasn’t been pressured, then why so many meeting about Justice and Canadian Law, 50 so far, from SNC Lavalin. And, why shuffle her out as Attorney General, when any lower ranked member of cabinet could have been elevated to replace Scott Brison?. Surely Trudeau doesn’t think Canadians are stupid enough to believe, that she… Read more »


Surprise me! Butts will still be making all major policy decisions for Trudeau. The only change is that Butts will be pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Eric Blair

Nice of Trudeau to write a thank you note for Butts but no such thank you for Jody. Yeah Spencer this is just starting…


Oh my, is Katie Telford now the one in charge of changing diapers and bottle feeding? It has been obvious Trudeau has problems thinking for himself so now what? He admitted three years ago that if something was important on TV that someone would tell him about it. Has he been told the Liberals and Canada are falling apart? Venezuela North? More um, ah,um, er, um, ah because 2019 will balance itself?

peter black

Good riddance to a province and a country wrecker. Bring on the Mounties and warn up the prison beds for those crooked SNC execs.

Joyce Shortell

You cannot help but wonder what is going on within the liberal party with the departure of two high profile personnel. Wilson-Raybould should be allowed to speak.

Marc Meijers

The rats are fleeing the sinking ship.

rob j

proof god is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandra c

There could be numerous reasons. But as far as I’m concerned, Trudeau, Butts and most of the Liberal Party today, is shadier than you know what. I strongly believe that Trudeau is trying to save his skin and wants to stay in power and be re-elected at any cost. Everything stinks with him since the day he was elected. We may never know what is really going on with Trudeau or anything he does. He’s extremely good at hiding the truth and doing stuff behind closed doors, until it’s too late for anyone to do anything or say anything on… Read more »


A demise , is a demise , is a demise !


Haha woo …these are great days my friends

Ralph Knapp

Trudeau can now be described as the Emperor without clothes.

Arie Intveld

Trudeau’s short statement needs one more line …. “Gerry Butts’ legacy will be the huge, prolapsed Butts-Hole he bestowed on the Canadian people.”